Thursday, May 31, 2012

With a Little Help From a Friend



Don’t you just love opening packages?  I did today, especially since it was supposed to help lower my frustration level when it comes to an internet signal.  FedEx delivered it right on time directly to the gate where I am guarding. 

   DSC01351   DSC01352

                                   The package and it’s contents.

Installation was simple,except for attaching to the  the ladder on the 5th wheel.  I don’t do ladders,at least not that one.  I knew that I kept that 10’ PVC pipe for something,  I almost left it in CA.  When I replaced my water hose last week I kept those long twist ties and the worked great for attaching the pole to the ladder, although I could only reach so high,  Frank the Safety Guy that came in the morning would be leaving soon, so when he came to the gate, I asked if he would attach the top for me.  He did and also had some zip ties too.  Thank You, Frank   So far I seem to getting a better signal,  I hope that I have it pointing in the right direction. I’m getting 5 bars with the E, although earlier I did get a 3G on my phone.  It has been windy, I will have to go out and see if it is still pointing towards Cotulla.

As far as activity on the gate,  Not much has changed, although I have seen some roadrunners and cottontails running across the road fairly close. Roadrunners are good, they eat snakes, at least that’s what I’m told.   The company man came back a second time today to turn on the 2 wells that were turned off, because of the fracking that was going on nearby.  So there will probably be a bit more tanker traffic once they start producing again.

In addition to watching more movies and their commentaries I started painting again.


Before I forget, I want to thank everyone for their concern for my safety and all of your suggestions.  I will be considering them all.  I am even considering getting a shotgun, although I will need to check with the company man to see if they have any restrictions regarding weapons.  The light is beginning to fade, so I’ll close for now.

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.DSC01346 I see you

Susan and Angel

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  1. Funny how all of these pictures are now in their correct places in this blog post, too. How good is that?