Thursday, May 3, 2012

Trip to Corpus Christi and I’ve Done It



                                            Hey Mom What is that?

                                The water was splashing in between the rocks. 

                 DSC01215  DSC01214

The above picture is taken at Robert’s Point in Port Aransas TX next to the Ferry Crossing.  It is a nice little park for picnics and watching the boats come and go in the harbor.  When I stopped at Mustang Island State Park suggested to stop there to see the Dolphins.  We didn’t see any, Oh Well!  

I’m getting ahead of myself!

Tuesday, I didn’t do much, just some laundry and blog reading.  I didn’t have internet or cell phone access.  Monday night we had some really strong storms with lightning and thunder.  We had 1.73 inches of rain here in the park, however we really needed to get that much 27 mile North of here to replenish the aquifer.  I guess the storm did something to the ATT antenna and they wouldn’t have it fixed for 3 or 4 days.

Wednesday I left very early, around 6:00 am, heading to Corpus Christi where I would get all the paperwork done and get fingerprinted for a Gate Guard Services position.  It was a 4 hour drive –one way.  I used to live in CC when I was a kid nearly 60 years ago.  Needless to say, it has changed!  When I was there we lived next to a corn field and now it is ALL developed.  We used to go to Padre Island to the beach, nothing but sand dunes and horned lizards. (we called them horny toads, didn’t know any better, I was 10)

            The following pictures were taken at Mustang Island State Park.

 DSC01210  DSC01209

                                                                             The campground.

DSC01195    DSC01197

                      The dunes.                                             The surf.

  DSC01206  DSC01199

                     The birds.

Angel, as I have said before is not a water dog.  She would jump over that little bit of surf or run away from it just like little kids do.  She is so funny.

         Even the Island is built up, buildings everywhere, totally developed.


                                                     The ferry.

DSC01220  DSC01219  DSC01222

These are pictures from the free ferry.  There are at least five of them to keep traffic flowing.

I didn’t get pictures in the city, busy driving and trying to locate my destination. 

The process in getting licensed was fairly painless.  When there Mr. Smith sent me to Sharp Shooter’s to be fingerprinted.  It’s a gun shop several blocks away.  After returning, I finished filling out the paperwork took the test, (easy, just common sense answers) .  He gave me a vest that has to be worn at all times when working the gate and a hat which doesn’t and instructions to call Roger to let him know that I was ready to have a gate assigned to me.  It is now, just to wait.  It shouldn’t be too long.  Tomorrow I will go visit a couple that worked here at the park and has their own gate, just to see what they do.  Since I will be there 24/7, I need to stock up on drinking water (other water is provided). 

So I am still here at Garner SP.  I worked the VC today and met some more nice people.  I also took the Gator and Angel to look for trash on the Bicycle Trail.  I wanted to see if I could spot some Axis Deer, as that is where they go during the day.  I didn’t see any, but you could tell that they were  around as there was a lot of deer scat and thick brush.  I would recommend the trail for bicyclers as there is a lot of shade and it is quiet.  Angel just sat in the seat next to me and didn’t bark or try to get out.  She’s such a good girl!


                   Here’s some of what we saw, and NO trash to be found.

DSC01232  DSC01238  DSC01240

 DSC01235   DSC01233   DSC01236

                    DSC01239     DSC01237

Back at the VC, latest picture on the Barn Swallow Babies.  Still can’t tell how many, but they are almost fully fledged out and will be leaving the nest soon.  Ranger Frank says that they usually have three clutches each summer.


That’s it for  today.

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Susan and Angel


  1. Good luck with your gate guard position. I'm interested in how that goes.

  2. I'll be looking forward to your posts about solo gate guarding. Wondering how you'll get a break to stock up on provisions, do laundry and so forth, not to mention sleeping! Hope you stay safe throughout your assignment and that it is reasonably busy, so you will have traffic and guys coming through regularly versus being isolated and alone. Should be an adventure! :)

  3. I hope you enjoy gate guarding. I don't think it's something that I'd want to do.

  4. Wow, that was fast. I hope they give you a few days notice. Are you staying at the park until you get the call?

  5. I'm baaaack!! Catching up. This is where I left off due to my move. Will be current in just a few. It's like reading a great suspense novel! :)