Monday, April 30, 2012

Birdie Update and River Tour



                               Newest picture of the Barn Swallow Babies

Sunday was another busy day at the VC, lots of questions, directions and sales. It was a good day, however, it wasn’t for some of the guests,   Heard on the Park Radio:  There was a bicycle accident and someone broke a leg and was airlifted out of the park,  A little kid, (I think a girl) fell off a picnic table, hit her head, but is okay and another little boy burned his finger in a fire, family took him into urgent care.  All in all, the Rangers were kept busy all day.     You just have to always be careful.  Anything can happen to ruin a fun day.

I now have at tripod for the kingpin.  Last week when I bought it and tried to put it up. the legs weren’t long enough, so Vestal came over before he left to help.  We had to use thick wooden blocks.  I do believe that helps with the shaking when I use my W/D.  He also put all the plumbing connections on the water hose.  A big Thank you to Vestal.

The rest of the evening I finished the novel that I’ve been reading and started on the next one in the series.  I also tried to catch up on reading blogs.

This morning, I called Gate Guard Services regarding the paperwork that was sent.  I will need to go to Corpus Christi on Wednesday to take the test and be fingerprinted and then see what I can get as far as a gate. It may be a while before a 12 hour gate is available, but at least I will have the preliminaries done.

Angel and I took a drive into Leakey to the hardware store for something for my project.  I still have a bit to figure out before it is finished.  Since there weren’t too many people in the park, I thought that it would be a good day to do a short hike along the river and take some pictures.

  DSC01170  DSC01171

                                             down by the boat dock


                                     Looking South from the dock,        

    I think they call this the Pool, because of the way the rocks are and it is shallow.

   DSC01173   IMG_0773   DSC01174

                                   Still looking South down the Frio River.

               IMG_0772    IMG_0771

                     There are caves in “them thar hills”.  This is just a little one.

       IMG_0774                  IMG_0775

                          An empty Cypress Tree,  I can stand inside of it.

  DSC01177  DSC01178

Everyone asks how the water is, so I thought I would find out. I thought that it would be a lot colder, but it was quite refreshing.  Angel wasn’t too thrilled. though.  I guess that she’s not a waterdog.  This is looking North from the rock beach.   On the weekends this is overflowing with kids.

          DSC01179       DSC01175          

                                            These kids had it all to themselves.

I drove North to another part of the river near to some of the campsites with shelters where they have access to the river, but not near the day use area in the pictures above.

DSC01183   DSC01182  DSC01181

That’s it for the river tour.   We headed home for some dinner, and to watch the deer come down to the river.

  DSC01168  DSC01167

Angel is learning to not bark at the deer.  She sits in the window and lets me know there is something is out there, but when I say shhhhhh, she just watches them.  She’s such a good girl.

This was going to be a short post, but I guess NOT.

Good night all.

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Susan and Angel


  1. Great pictures of the park Susan. I especially love the one of Angel inside the tree. Makes her look really tiny.

  2. There is no way I could get either of the girls to go in the water. So way to go Angel. Loved the tour of your park. Fingers crossed for the gate guard job.

  3. It looks like you are at a very beautiful place.

  4. By the way... that tree is the SAME one that I was in mother =P