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D L Success, Utopia, and A Blast From GSP Past


I was able to find the Certified Birth Certificate in my files.  So this morning, I high-tailed it back to Uvalde with all the appropriate paper work, filled out another form and was told that they needed  the insurance for my fifth wheel.  I didn’t have one, and don’t remember getting a separate one,  “no problem, just have them fax it, here’s the #”.  Okay, so I called, “we will fax it ---3 to 5 minutes”.  Alrighty, then.  twenty minutes later no fax,  called them back,  they will send it again.  Still no fax,  so there was a discussion,  why do I need it for  a trailer?, I don’t drive a trailer.  Finally they went ahead and gave it to me. 

I didn’t stop anywhere in Uvalde this time, however when I got back to the park, instead of going home I took a detour to find out where the county road went,  It said Utopia 15 miles. I just drove there, took a picture, turned around and went home.

     DSC01054   DSC01056   DSC01059

         the road to Utopia                downtown Utopia           the road back from Utopia


Along TX roads there are a lot of wild flowers.  They are beautiful, lots of purple, yellow, lavender and vermillion, however, the only time I saw bluebonnets were on I 10 on the way here.  Today I actually found a field on the road to Utopia with very blue bluebonnets, so I stopped to get a picture.  Again the road was narrow, hilly, with sharp curves, but this one was bumpy too.  I just wanted to see where Utopia was.  When I check the local weather on my I phone, it is from Utopia, not GSP.  Oh well, now I know.

I got back home and warmed up some of the BBQ from the yesterday for lunch, read a couple more chapters of the book that I am reading and also installed some upgrades on my laptop as well as my CorelDraw program.  Then I heard on the Park Radio that there was a FOG meeting at 5:00 pm with a pot luck.  I left for the meeting a little early as I wasn’t sure where it was.


            While searching, I spotted some deer on their way down to the river.

As it turned out, the meeting was in a part of the park that I hadn’t been in.  I got there a little late, but that was okay,as I wasn’t the last.  It is interesting as to how much is done by Friends Of Garner.  The food, of course was good and I ate too much.

      DSC01061   DSC01062

The meeting was held at the Group Camping Site, Group Shelter.  In addition to the Shelter with full kitchen there are several Bunk Houses, (no tents or RVs).  It is across the Frio River from the other camping areas.  It is a very nice facility.

In attendance was James L. Garner, who was one of the men who worked with the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) He had a lot of stories to tell and gave me a book that he has self published  Ninety One Years In A Changing World, complete with pictures.  We talked for a while and then Vestal (one of the Rangers) took him over to show him a couple of the remodeled cabins that he helped build.



  DSC01066   DSC01067

I went along with them and checked out cabins. They are really nice, with A/C, kitchen, their own shower bedroom with many of the furnishings built by the CCC. 

  DSC01073   DSC01074   DSC01072

                 DSC01071   DSC01069

The pictures in frames were taken during the building of GSP by the CCC


                  In the last picture he is pointing to Mr. Garner.

There were five of us there just listening to Mr. Garner telling us about the CCC and  sharing our stories as well.  It was soon dark and we bid our farewells, hoping meet again. 

When we got outside, It took awhile to get used to the dark, as there are no street lights.  Good thing that I had a small flashlight with my keys or I wouldn’t even have found the street.

It was a very interesting day, but now it is really late and I have to work at the VC early in the morning.  Good Night!

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DSC01055 “let’s go this way Mom”

Susan and Angel

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  1. Glad you finally jumped through all the hoops, and had success getting your license. Bet you didn't know you could still jump like that, huh? Sure love that picture of Angel telling you which way to go! Our dogs sure tells us, too!