Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just Stuff and Short Road Trip


                                                  Angel on Guard Duty


                                                     Deer Alert!!

Yesterday was another day doing stuff inside, a load of wash, rearranged my living room, deleted pictures off of my camera, but had to make sure that they were all downloaded onto my laptop first.  but mainly looking into finding another job where I can make some $$$$$.  Don’t take it the wrong way, as I really like it here at GSP.  At some point in time I will have to find a way to supplement my SS, at least until I build up my reserves.

I am considering Gate Guarding as the fastest way to make more $$ quickly (relatively speaking).  I really don’t want to go back to a corporate JOB.  Has any one known any solo women that are GGing?  I know there are some out there.

Enough about that.  Today I just had to get out on the road for a little while.  So I thought that I might check out the Garner Museum and headed south towards Uvalde on US 83.  When I got to Concan about 8 miles from here, at the last minute I decided to go east on TX 127 towards Sabinal (about 5 miles of road work— one lane traffic / no pavement -- I had to follow a guide car through all the trucks and machinery).  The rest of the road was just ranches and farm country.  When I got to US 90 I  then went back west past Knippa, to the WalMart on the east end of Uvalde, as I needed to fill one of my water bottles and my truck ( #2 diesel  $3.929 the lowest that I have found).  While there I picked up a few other things that I needed that won’t wait until I go into San Antonio next week.

That done, I headed into Uvalde to stop at the museum.  Found it, but it was closed, with fencing all around it.  It looks like they maybe doing some renovations.  Oh well another time. Nothing else to do , but head home. 

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Susan and Angel


  1. Sorry to hear things aren't adding up quite the way we had all hoped for you. You'll figure something and get past this rough spot. We're all pulling for you! :-) You'll be ok.

    Eric and Carol!

    1. Oh, things are working out as planned, however, I'm thinking that, the sooner I bring in some $$$$, the sooner I can enjoy this lifestyle.

  2. Susan
    I emailed you about Tuesday. Post again if you didn't get it; otherwise you can email me back.