Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ugggh, Still No Driver’s License.


This morning I took a drive into Uvalde to the local DPS, (Department of Public Safety).  I thought that I had everything that I needed, but nooooo!  I had to have a “certified” copy of my Birth Certificate.  It was a copy that I had with me.  So Tomorrow I will have to go into Uvalde AGAIN,  this state must be the safest when it comes to driving,  It takes forever to meet their requirements.  Oh well, It is what it is, and you just have to jump through the hoops.

I finally found a water dispensing ceramic crock and stand at Wally World, as well as another 3 gallon water bottle to fill.  Those 5 gallon bottles are just too heavy for me to lift.  Of course I couldn’t get out of there with spending a little more.  At least I won’t have to go that 30 miles as often now.


Once I had all my errands run, I decided to go to Brackettville, where they filmed the Alamo with John Wayne.  I knew that it closed in 2010 when the owners died and the family didn’t want to keep it going, but thought that I would check if there were any remnants left.  Nope!  At least I didn’t see anything, but it could have been in another part of town.  Anyway,  I just made the loop and headed back east to Camp Wood instead of going back through Uvalde.

The difference in landscape is something.  Heading west on TX 90 out of Uvalde towards Del Rio, there is nothing, except narrow two lane roads with no shoulders and no passing and a few Border Patrol Officers hiding behind trees..Even going back East, again, nothing, but once you start getting close to the Hill Country  it changes, more green and trees along with roller coaster roads.  At one point, a deer ran across the road and literally, flew over the fence on the other side.

  DSC01045   DSC01049   DSC01050

I stopped at my sister’s house and helped here get caught up on some chores,and moved some furniture around, giving her more access when using her electric chair.  Yesterday she had to go into San Antonio for some tests, which just exhausted her.

I wanted to get home before dark.  I certainly didn’t want to drive that route with the sharp curves and steep grades. When I got to Leakey, I stopped to get some BBQ Brisket. at the “Hog Pen”.  It is supposed to be the best in town, although they are usually only open when the “bikers” go through.  I got it “to go” , so I had about a third of it and will have the rest later.  And, Yes, it is good.  When I got back to GSP, I almost had Turkey Dinner.  This silly bird just flew right in front of me.   I’m not sure who was startled more, me or the bird.  It was about a 15 pounder, at least.  Alas, it happened so fast , no pic.

Angel is always excited to get home, just can’t wait to get out of her seat belt.  I put her in her pen while I unloaded the truck.  l let her inside, put everything away and put stand for the water crock together, read a little and finally got yesterday’s blog to post.  I will get to bed soon.  I want to get into Uvalde to the DPS early.

Good night all.


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  1. So frustrating when they don't tell you exactly what it is you need to bring with you the first time. Hopefully tomorrow works out better. Turkey for dinner sounds good but the brisket was a whole lot less work since you didn't have to cook it.