Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sunday at the VC, Sunrise, Sunset

     DSC01112   DSC01113

      This is one of the three Barn Swallows’ nests that are outside of the VC.       

                               Both mom and dad take turns feeding them.

Another day at the VC.  Linda K stopped by for a few minutes and took off, and I was alone the whole day, even closed by myself.  No problems, just met more interesting people.

On my way home I stopped by maintenance, to see if I could get some help with my low water pressure problem.


John, our RV go to guy, came over and helped put my water filter on, but as you can see, there isn’t much room at the pedestal.  that’s why I got the things in the picture farther down in  the blog.

Monday I caught up on laundry, since I now had better water pressure and took a few pictures. 


          This Oriole decided that he needed some of the hummers’ sweet stuff.

Evelyn came over and spent the night so that we could get an early start in the morning.


                SUNRSE                          to                      SUNSET

  DSC01119                       DSC01129

That’s how long that I was gone.  Tuesday was the day that I had to take my sister, Evelyn to the hospital in San Antonio for a test.  She had to be there by 8:00 am, which meant that we had to leave here by 6:00 am.  That is before the sun came up.  Once I dropped her off I had several places to go.  One was to deposit a check at my banks branch office,(closest one in SA)  and then over to Sprouts Farmers Market where they have bulk food items.  I was able to get many of the ingredients for the trail mix that I make.  I wanted to stock up in case I do get the gate guard position and won’t be able get out to a store for quite a while.  One of my coworkers here at GSP offered to come over to let Angel out for her potty breaks, so I left here a key and and Angel was able to “Aunt Ruby”  Thank you from both angel and me.



        Okay, Mom, If you have to go, I’ll be here when you get back


Note from “Aunt Ruby'”, so Angel was well taken care of while I was gone all day.


Earlier this past week, I made arrangements with Colleen (Traveling with the Longdogs) to meet at IHOP for coffee or? .  I left Sprouts at about 10:00 am, but some how I ended up on side streets in San Antonio and finally found my way to I 35 north where IHOP was located near Schertz Parkway.  I did get there about 15 minutes late.  Generally I am NOT directionally challenged.  I kept going in the right direction, it was just the freeway system with the different loops that is confusing.  She was waiting outside where we greeted each other and then went in to be seated.  We decided to share one of the Colorado Omelets, they are huge and really good.   So from 10:30 until about 2:00 pm we talked and shared stories.  We then went outside and continued to talk and before we knew it, it was 3:00.  She had to be somewhere and I had several places yet to go, so we reluctantly said good bye, promising to get together again. 


From IHOP I headed north on I 35 to the Camping World store just outside of New Braunsfels, where I got a tripod for the kingpin to help stabilize the front end when I am using my W/D. and an aluminum stair for my entrance door.  I have been using a couple of thick wood blocks that Ruby found for me, which work but are not completely stable.  Of course, I just had to get a few more things since  while I was there and it is, after all, over a two hour drive from GSP.  Tomorrow, I will attach the  right angle brass connector to the hose bib and a piece of hose with a spring on it that they recommend when connecting the water filter.  I also have some spare screen washers that I may need when the one I have gets completely plugged up.



I also went to Costco to pick the things that I only get there.  Unfortunately the didn’t have the protein bars that I have been getting at the store in Arizona,   bummer!    But believe it or not, I got the things on the rest of my list and nothing else. 

One more place to go, Pet Smart to get Angel’s dog food and cookies, and then I started home.  It was getting close to 6:00 pm and I had to go through downtown San Antonio during rush hour, well the end of rush hour.  It was a lot easier going back,  I just stayed on I 35 South and connected with US 90 West. 

There was still a couple of things that I needed to get, one was dry ice because I got large bags of frozen fruit that need to stay frozen.  I also have a separate freezer that I hadn’t plugged in before I left.  It would help cool it down quickly.  I also got a new butane fire starter, since I ran out of fuel for the one I already have and couldn’t fine the replacement fuel cartridge for it.

Finally, finished!   It is now getting late and I had to drive into the sun.  Since US 90 goes directly West, I thought I would take TX 127 out of Sabinal and not go through Uvalde.  It was shorter and the sun was a bit to the left, not directly in my eyes.  If you remember, in one of my previous blogs I mentioned that  TX 127 had road construction.  By the time I got there, the construction workers had gone.  It was a bit dusty because of the loose gravel, but I got back to GSP by 8:15 pm, unloaded the truck in the last fading light and had most everything put away within an hour. 

It is late, actually already Wednesday.  Fortunately I don’t work, so can sleep in.

Thanks for visiting

IMG_0762This is where I belong, Mom.

Susan and Angel


  1. You had a busy day! Nice you could meet up with another RVr too.

  2. It was great meeting you Susan. Last night, I was chatting with some other SA people and they said HEB Central Market does have bulk foods so you may want to put it on your list for another day.


  3. Sounds like you had a very fun and productive day...

  4. Would you share your recipe for trail mix? Always curious to see what others like to mix up.