Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another Day At The VC


This morning was one more day at the Visitors’ Center.  I was there to open up.  Linda K was there to help if I needed any.  Last Sunday, Linda M determined that we were out of some state guides, so I took run over to the warehouse to get the boxes that I needed.  I also went home to get my Park Radio, which I had forgotten.  Then I was back doing what needed to be done, fill the bird feeders, answer ???, give directions,etc..  I was actually able get more familiar with the register.  I made a couple of sales.  Yea!  Linda actually had to run some errands out side of the park, so this was my first day that I was alone and survived,  I only had to call her once, she was back to close.  That was it,  Then  at 3:00 pm we closed everything out, made the deposit, turned out the lights and locked the doors.  Done for the day!

Went home, let Angel out, refilled my Hummingbird feeder, finished the last of the BBQ for lunch and read awhile which put me to sleep.  After my short nap I made a few phone calls and that was it for the day.  I didn’t even take any pictures.  Almost got one of a jackrabbit, (it was huge) but Angel barked and scared it away.  She hasn’t barked at the deer.  Didn’t get them either, too dark.

So it is getting late and I’m listening to the wind.  I’m not sure if it will rain or not.

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IMG_0621  This is the only one in this post.

Susan and Angel

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