Monday, April 16, 2012

Let’s Take A Hike — I Guess I’m Official


                                  Come on along on my hike with Angel.

They encourage us to take advantage of all that GSP (Garner State Park) has to offer, especially the hiking trails.  That’s what we did today.  We started out on the Wild Horse Creek Trail. It is the green one starting from the Shady Meadows Area where I am parked.  Part of it runs next to US 83 and then connects with the Old Entrance Road, where it ends at the Park road which takes me back to Shady Meadows.  I’m not too crazy about hiking alone, so I took the Park Radio. just in case.  I forgot my camera, but I took a lot of pictures with my phone. 

When we started out, it was a bit chilly, so Angel is sporting her new sweater.

                             So here goes, hope you enjoy the hike.


           IMG_0725       IMG_0726

                   Not too bad to start, then loose rocks, it’s getting steep.          

            IMG_0727      IMG_0729

                             Still climbing, Oh, there’s the Highway.


   That’s still the highway over there.  I know the Old Entrance Road is here.

           Where is it? and It’s getting warm.  Let me have that sweater!



      IMG_0733               IMG_0734

Hey, Angel, look at this caterpillar.  What are you growling at?  It’s only a lizard.

    Can you find it?    It’s hard to see, but really it is there and it moves fast.

               Now where is that Look Out Point?   I need to rest. and water.

                                               Yea, you too!

           IMG_0736      IMG_0738


     IMG_0740                    IMG_0742

      Just to prove we were there.                   Hey, you can see home, way down there.

                  We are half way there.  The rest is all downhill.

  IMG_0743  IMG_0745  IMG_0744

       It’s steep!                             Big rocks!                       Pretty flowers!

                                        Butterflies everywhere!


                                        It sure is a long way!

       IMG_0748    IMG_0750

         At the end of the trail, but we still have a way to go to get home.

    IMG_0751    DSC01082

                                                    Oh,Look, Angel we have our Park Host Sign.

                                                           I must be official now.

Thanks for the company,  I hope you enjoyed the hike.

 IMG_0754  I know, I’m tired too!


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Susan and Angel


  1. That was really a long hike but you got some great pictures. Skittlez was chasing a lizard in our park today - thank goodness she didn't catch it.

  2. Good for you, I couldn't do it. I think your phone takes pretty good photos! I enjoy reading your blog, and glad you are enjoying your workkamping!

  3. YAY MOM your official now!!!

  4. Park Host...sign and all! Good for you! Glad there is a good hiking trail nearby too.

  5. Hope you don't get too many folks knocking on your door in the middle of the night with that official sign now planted. :)

    1. Me too! Although, I'm in a separate area, so chances are slim.

  6. What a nice hike!! Looks like Angel had a grand time as well.

  7. Evelyn Patte/sisterApril 17, 2012 at 10:19 PM

    Ya, your official! I hope you've kept a record of alllll your blog. It would make a good and interesting book. I wish I was able to walk like you, we could have a lot of fun.
    Chances may not be as slim as you think. When people want to speak to the Host they will find you!
    Love You Evelyn