Friday, April 20, 2012

Another Glitch and A Surprise

I guess I got a bit behind on my posts.  Here’s the Update.

Thursday, it was just another day at the VC, questions answered, directions given,and generally getting to know the different types of people that come to Garner SP.  Most of the time I was by myself except for the Interpretive Ranger Frank R.  I got to know him a bit better, sharing stories and experiences and what he does here at the park.  I learned more of the history of GSP, (he has been here 24 years and is getting close to retirement).  Linda K came in a bit after I opened, ran some errands and came back just before I closed.  Before I went home I went over to maintenance to get some ice from the machine, (another perk).

I got back home and OH NO, I can’t get the door opened, The key for the dead bolt just turns and turns in either direction, and Angel hears me and hasn’t been out since I left her just before nine in the morning.  I’m frustrated, she’s excited and my ice is melting.  Okay,  take a breath.  I see that Mike’s at home, so I go see if he can help.  He does the same that I did, and it still won’t open, but the big window in the back is open and he is thin, so he climbs in and opens the door.     Thank God for other RVers.  Thank you Mike!    Now I have to get the lock fixed.  We  have some one here at the park that knows a lot about RVs, so I get on the Park Radio to see if he is available.  Someone will come over when they have a minute.  In the mean time I find a screwdriver and start taking it apart.  I figured it out on my own. Yippee!.  It was a plate inside that holds the dead bolt mechanism that was loose.  I tightened those screws and that’s when Dan came by to see if he could help because John wasn’t here.  Even though I could fix it, Dan helped by holding the door steady while I lined up and tightened the screws.  That was a big help.  Thank you Dan!   

                                     Now comes the Surprise.

                       Have you ever tried to take a picture of Fireflies?

               I haven’t seen fireflies since I lived in Illinois, not in CA or AZ. 


Even though this is quite dark, if you click on the picture to enlarge it, in the upper left hand corner, those two spots are fireflies and my rig is in the upper center.



                                 Guess who didn’t want to get up.

I did, so this morning I started doing research on getting a job as a Gate Guard as a solo.  It looks promising.  I am committed to at least one month here at GSP, but I will check with Rick M.    I would also have to go to Ft Worth to get my license and background check and get fingerprinted.  I will need to make those arrangements in the near future.

I have two new neighbors, One one one side, a Class C, came in on Thursday and one on the other side, a Class B, that came in a little while ago.  The park starts to get busy on Thursday, more on Friday and starts to fill up on Saturday.  Every weekend it gets busier than the week before.

I will be working the Day Use Gate in the morning, so I need to get to bed.

Thanks for visiting

IMG_0757   Hey Mom, did you hear that?

Susan and Angel


  1. Poor Angel probably thought she'd be in there forever! Thank goodness for helpful RVrs!

  2. Glad you got that lock fixed all my yourself!! I have never tried a firefly managed to capture it!! I love watching them on a spring pretty!!