Sunday, April 15, 2012

First Time By Myself at the VC


This was last night before it rained..   It is dark, but if you click on the picture you will see four deer grazing in the meadow.

The rain woke me up this morning around 6am.  Okay, I had to open the VC (Visitors Center) by myself for the first time, I jumped in the shower, took my time getting ready hoping that it would clear be for I had to leave.  By the time I was ready and had breakfast, I had to encourage little miss sleepyhead  that it was time for her to go out and do her thing.  Now I just had to feed Angel and get her ready for me to go to work, gather up what I needed to take with me.  I’ll be alone so I can’t run back to get what ever I forgot(like I did last week).  Some thing for lunch, check. My thermos of Tea, check.  My book to read if I’m not busy, check. My log book, check  Oh yea, my Park Radio, check.  I’m out the door.  I need to dry off the “Gator”, as it is exposed to the elements, before I jump in and travel all of .2 of a mile to the VC.  It is actually closer, but I have to use the road. LOL.

Success.  I got the door unlocked even though it tend to stick.  I was a little early so I took my time, made sure the blinds were all opened and lights and OPEN sign on.  I checked the drawer and turned on the computer.  Everything was set to go, now all I needed was some customers.  I just read the book that I brought with until someone came in. 


                               The hummers were out in full force.

It actually got a little busy once it stopped raining and I think that I did well for my first day alone.  Linda K (she’s the manager) came in to see how I was doing and then left to run some errands in Uvalde  (about 30 miles away).  I only had to call her a couple of times when I needed help in locating an item in the computer.  Other than that, the first day ,  Success!   Linda came back  just to be there if I needed help with closing.  No problems there.  Balanced the drawer and made out the deposit,  Locked it all up and headed home.

Angel, of course greeted me, wanting some lovin’, went out side and then came inside to cuddle and give kisses.

I caught up on reading blogs, read some more of my book, made dinner and some mini chocolate muffins. Its time for bed.  Tomorrow I will start some research on finding a short term full time job for next fall.

Hope that you have a great week.

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Susan and Angel


  1. Glad things went well your first time solo!

  2. Congratulations on your first solo day. Sounds like you're fitting in really well at this job. Good luck with the job search. How many hours a week do you work for your site? It seems like you are working a lot.

    1. I work 24 hours for site, FHUs, WiFi, uniform shirts, and any visitors that I have don't pay for day use or overnight.
      I am doing a lot of things to get enough hours, but will get more hours at the VC after Memorial Day.

  3. 24 hours is nice. Many places have solos do 32 hours making it pretty much close to a full time job. I can get on my soapbox about that! :)