Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Drove to Camp Wood /First Hike


This afternoon I headed over to Camp Wood on the other side of the hills to the west of the park.  It is a pretty drive, however I don’t think that I would take my 5er.  About half of the drive is very hilly, almost like a roller coaster with narrow roads, tight turns and steep (although not terrible) grades.

DSC00963   DSC00962

I visited with my sister, Evelyn for a little while and helped her with some things around the house.  We were going to go into Uvalde, but time got away and I didn’t want to drive at night.  There are deer all over around here.  We well do it another time.

I got back early enough to visit with Dennis and Bev, camped over a few spaces from me.  Dennis helped me get my flags flying, although I don’t think that I will put my awning out until later.  We do have winds here, but I’m not sure how long they last.  Since I still haven’t tackled that yet with out help, I will wait for when I will really need the shade. 


We made plans to take our dogs on a hike up the hill this evening with Paul and Kathy and come back down after the stars make an appearance.  As we walked up the road to the trailhead, we spotted a doe and fawn run across the road down toward the river.  The road was up hill too, then there was a fairly steep hill through a wooded area (actually the original road into the park) to a level area where there are 6 park benches.  That was our goal.  We talked, sharing the stories, waiting for the stars and taking pictures.


                                             My hiking buddies.

                           Paul and Kathy on left and Bev and Dennis on right

                                    Angel, Hank, Pico (?) and Missy (?)

          IMG_0680  IMG_0679  IMG_0683

Where we’re parked                  The whole valley              Buildings(shop &water tanks)  


                     Just to prove to my kids--- I really did the hike !   LOL

We hung around until the stars came out,  When it was dark, we headed down the hill.  Paul and Kathy headed down a bit earlier, as they would be leaving in the morning.  Going down sure was easier than going up.  I am really out of shape.  Hopefully it will be better as the summer progresses.

My forwarded mail came in today, so I will tackle that tomorrow.  All in all it was a great day.  Maybe, one of these days I will get up early enough to see all the deer that hang out here at night before they head back into the hills.

Good night all.

Thanks for visiting


Susan and Angel


  1. Nice view up in them thar' hills! :)

  2. First few hikes of the season are definitely strenuous, but they get easier. At least that's the way I remember them.