Saturday, April 21, 2012

DUG Happenings, Possible Move and Star Lights


I was up and gone before 8:00 am.  That’s when I start at the DUG (Day Use Gate.).  It is not my favorite thing to do here at GSP.  I thought that I had figured out what I needed to do and the order that I needed to do them in.  Well I began to wonder, though, as I started having issues, and I had to get help.  Evidently, we were having computer issues.  The system here is internet based and it seems that the signal was fluctuating.  Then people, not cars, started lining up at the window.  There was a large diesel pick up truck that broke down in the in the DUG.  It took quite a while for them, first to try to help her get it started, then to tow it out of the way to open the lane up.    (update on the lady with her kids that was broke down----when I left she was still broke down and was having trouble finding someone to tow the car back to San Antonio.  The people here at GSP are great.  Vestal has been doing everything he can to help.)  The rest of day continued the  same regarding the computer, on and off.  I’m glad that this day is over, as I am really I was last week.  All in all it is still a much better day than working at a JOB. and I get to watch the Barn Swallows nesting.


I had talked to Linda K about getting all of my hours at the VC. and she has talked to Vestal.  Looks like that was about to happen, when I let them know that I may be going to try Gate Guarding, if I can get a 12 hour gate.  I also spoke with Rick, who is the one who hired me.  I wanted to know how long my commitment was and let him know that once I get this tax thing out of the way that I would like to come back to GSP another time.  He said there would be no problem and just to let them know when I want to come back.  I will still be here until I get licensed and get a gate assignment.  I am trying to make arrangements to go to Ft Worth to get that part done.

When I got home, there was no problem getting in, so I guess the fix on the door worked.  My forwarded mail came came in today, so I went through it, There’s some things that I will have to follow up on, on Monday.  The rest of the day I will just kick back and at least until about 8:00 pm when I will go over to the meadow where there will be an astronomy presentation.

I’m back home.  It wasn’t so much as a presentation, but it was members of SALSA, San Antonio’s League of Sidewalk Astronomers, who brought out their telescopes and let anyone that was interested look through them at the planets and stars.

        DSC01103  DSC01105

The first planet that we could see was Venus, the brightest light in the sky at night.  I tried to take a picture  through the telescope that is in picture on the right, but it really didn’t work.

         DSC01106 another view, same telescope

this telescope is for deep space viewing DSC01104

but they will be using that one by their club members after everyone leaves, as they will be in the park all night.

Earlier, before it got dark, I asked David if he would take a picture of Angel and me.  Here it is. I also got one of him later when his telescope was aimed at Saturn. 

  DSC01108  She’s tucked in may sweatshirt because the meadow has a lot of burrs and she had some in her paws.  She later stayed in my truck.


Thank you David and the rest of SALSA for an interesting, informative and entertaining evening. I think that I may get an app that shows all the stars and constellations.  David uses Star Walk.  It was a great night for star gazing,  We even saw a satellite move through the sky and there will be a meteor shower later tonight, but I will miss that as I have to work the VC in the morning.

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  1. A fun job and free entertainment too. Too bad you may miss out on the summer dances they hold out there but it's nice to know you can come back.

  2. Had to go back and catch up on the gate guard stuff. Interesting.