Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Trip to Kerrville—Another Walk


DSC01014         DSC01013   DSC01017

         Taken from an overlook on TX 83 just south of the TX 39 intersection

I left GSP  a little after 9 am, heading for Kerrville.  I needed to get my Texas Driver’s License.  It was crowded, probably because the kids were out of school for Easter.  When I got there I realized that I needed to get my truck inspected before, so I found a Dodge Dealer and they did it for me right away.  Thank you Steve at Crenwelge  Motors.  With the inspection paper in hand, I went back.  The person that was in front of me when I left was just then being taken care of.  I got back in line, it took another hour for me to get to the front of the line,  Because I am coming from out of state I needed some other paperwork.  I will have to go back, but now that I know what I need, I will probably go into Uvalde instead.

One the way there I took TX 83 to TX 39 east to Ingram and The TX 27 to Kerrville. It is a nice drive, however it is an narrow, two lane road where you also have to watch out for bicycle riders with no bike lane.  It is hilly with lots of curves,( not hairpin curves like the road to Camp Wood).  About half of the way it follows the Guadalupe River, crossing back and forth.That’s the part that is really pretty, with some beautiful homes right on the river.  I took a bunch of pictures, most of them didn’t turn out because I was driving.

DSC01026   DSC01025   DSC01024

One the way home I wanted to check out Buckhorn RV Resort, where RV-Dreams is holding their Spring Rally.  It is for several days, but I will be attending only one day.  I headed west on I 10 and stopped there to just check out where it was and then continued west to the TX 41 turnoff.  I took that to TX 83, passing a ranch where they had Exotic Animals.  I saw a couple of Oryx, a kind of antelope running beside  the fence.  Neat!Turning south on TX 83, I would soon be home. 

When I got home, I wasn’t hungry, as I got something to eat in Kerrville.  I fixed a cold glass of tea and settled outside in my recliner to read and dozed off.  I was awaken by a load buzzing.  the hummers had found my feeder that I put up yesterday.   I took a bunch of pictures on my phone and later with my camera.  It is hard to capture these guys, as they are so tiny. 

DSC01042  DSC01039  DSC01038

We then took a walk around the Shady Meadows Loop and then across the road to the Mountain Bike Trail where there the parks newest addition is a bird blind.

              DSC01027   DSC01028

DSC01029  DSC01030  DSC01031

            The last picture is hazy because I took it through the window.

DSC01032  DSC01034

    One the way back home we heard a lot of doves,  That’s one on the wire.

      DSC01033   DSC01035

    You have to watch out for these guys,          Just some pretty flowers

           fire ants  lots in the park.

Almost home


My neighbors, Mike and Joanne.  They will have been here a year in May.

Well that is the extent of our walk, time for bed.

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Susan and Angel (alias the pillow puppy)


  1. Oh what a great day! Don't forget - I used to live in Kerrville. Let me know if you're headed out for more sightseeing and want some ideas.

    I love your pictures! Did you put the hummingbird poles and flags up yourself? I'm asking because I'm getting ready to have a huge garage sale and am selling everything. I currently have 4 HB feeders and 11 other bird feeders and 10 shepherd hooks. Perfect for a house but overkill for an RV so I'm wondering what I should keep.

    Love and hugZ to you and the pillow puppy. :)

  2. You might want to keep one or two HB feeders, although you will need to keep them filled, as they feed a lot.

    1. Also. A shepherds hook might come in handy if you can store it.
      Mine are all short.