Saturday, July 14, 2012

Changes and an Alert


There has been a bit of activity here at the gate.  Half of the guys that stay here have left to go somewhere else.  Now there are only four left and they go into town every one or two days.  The water tankers are still making multiple runs, 24/7 and it seems that there is more activity at a different pad.  These guys are taking readings and using different kinds of equipment.  All I know is that the traffic is different.  I’m not sure that I know what it means to the gate activity in the future, but evidently there may not be any increase in tanker (crude oil) in the immediate future, so maybe this gate will work until I leave.  I hope saying that doesn’t put a jinx on it, because anything can happen.  It was a bit sad to see the guy leave, but they all made a point of stopping by to say goodbye. 

Later in the afternoon, we got a bit of rain.  No storm, but just enough to cool things down a bit and wash the air.  I love the smell of fresh clean air.  It also kept the caliche dust down, but it got a little bit muddy, just enough to stick to the souls of my shoes to carry inside.  For the other guards out there, how do you handle keeping your floors clean? I cant see taking off regular shoes off as many time a day as we go in and out.  I wear sandals so that I can kick them off and go barefoot inside.  So far the carpet is staying clean.  I think that I would rather have wood or laminate flooring and area rugs.

I have been going through all of my movies one by one and the ones that my sister loaned me.  I downloaded some free books on my I Pad.  I think that I still prefer the regular books.  Maybe it’s because the digital stuff, I’m still not comfortable with.  I still have a couple of books that I kept that I will read again and maybe the art books could stand to be read again.  Maybe I’m getting just a little bit bored, Ya think?


Earlier this morning, Angel started barking when I got a knock on my door.  Yep, it was an illegal, a young man, about  17, maybe, sadly looking kind of worse for wear.  I have no idea what he was asking, as I don’t speak Spanish and he didn’t speak English.  I gave him a bit of water in his gallon jug and after closing the door, I called the Border Patrol.  It must have been what he wanted, because he stood around for a few minutes and then walked out to the road and waited.  About 25 minutes later Border Patrol picked him up.  The officer just talked to him, searched him, put him in the car and they left and went back into the ranch.  As you can see, it’s pretty desolate country out here, especially  on in the midday in the middle of July.  The Border Patrol officer just came back.  Evidently he was 17 years old and got separated from his cousins, a 13 year old boy and a 14 year old girl.  When the officer went by earlier, he went back on the ranch looking for them.  I sure hope that they are found soon.  He just came back again to search with another car, I’m guessing that it was a K9 unit, at least I hope that is what is.  So if any of you reading this in the area south of Carrizo Springs, if you see them please call Border Patrol, 830-876-1502.

That’s enough excitement for today.  I probably won’t hear whether or not they find them, so I pray for a happy ending.

Time for another nap. I hope that you all have a great weekend.

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Susan and Angel


  1. You seem to in areas with illegals. Glad you could help on this one. Sounds dangerous in this heat.


  2. You seen to BE in...I meant to say.

  3. So glad you didn't slam your door on this young man... these scenarios can just break your heart. We lived near Sasabe, AZ for a while... a young woman got separated from her companions... she thought Phoenix was a short hike away (right!)... didn't speak a word of English... And had probably used every cent she had to pay her coyote to get her this far... absolutely heartbreaking! Hope your young man fares better. Thank you for being compassionate.

  4. UPDATE. The last I heard was that they couldn't find them here on the ranch. They hope that because they are young kids, someone picked them up to get them help. I pray that they are safe.

  5. Hope this gate continues to work out for you. I wasn't sure if I would like my Kindle but I love it. So many free books available. Hope you aren't roasting to death. It is hot and humid here. And a wild thunderstorm today. Still having fun in spite of getting worn out.