Monday, July 2, 2012

Maybe NOT The Right Gate

  Just spoke to one of the company men and evidently this gate is not going to remain slow.   In fact it will become extremely busy within 3 or 4 days, as it be going into production with tankers in and out day and night.  He told me that it is in the flow back stage and they put a hold on getting into production because there was an accident a couple of days ago (not here, at another well)  where one of the trucks caught on fire.  Over 3,000 gallon of oil burned along with the semi, tanker and a forklift.  At least the driver wasn’t hurt.  This is a dangerous business.  They have been putting in a lot of safety measures before getting these wells going. 

I’ve called Roger to let him know, but he doesn’t think that it will happen that soon.  At least he knows and I also asked the the company man to have his liaison to call Roger.  Nothing happened at the first gate until the company got involved.  We will see what happens.  I am still keeping my options open with another company.


Other than that Angel has been doing her job, warning me when she sees the bunnies go by.  Good Girl !!!  Always in a window to protect her Mama.

The Internet isn’t that good here and I think that the booster is being affected by the winds.  Sometimes I have it, sometimes I don’t.  It’s been tough trying to comment on blogs or reply to them.  I’ll try to get caught up as soon as I can.

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Susan and Angel


  1. You have relief at this gate though, don't you?

  2. i am enjoying reading and learning about your job...good for you trying something different! I do worry a little about you being there by yourself ...

  3. Sorry you are having to move so much. Guess Roger is trying to keep you working as well as covering all his gates. Kudos to you, I don't know how you are working like that in the long hot summer! My husband & I worked 2 months last fall & it was hard for two in cooler weather. LOMA should be glad they got ya, but don't fall again or run yourself ragged. Have enjoyed reading your blog for sometime, just don't always leave a reply. Lynn

  4. Don't know how youdo the "solo" thing. Our gate kept us busy. Around the holidays last year Thanksgiving/Christmas it slowed down. Hang in there and just before dropping call for help.

  5. The workamping job in Waco sounds like it will be better for you, and its good to be close to family. I could never do that guarding job you are doing, good for you for doing it.