Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Location

Saturday was spent in the GGS yard.  I ended my last blog with the electricity going out during the thunder storm.  That was around 2:00 pm and they didn’t come back on until 8:30 pm. It did get a bit warm, but it wasn’t too bad keeping the door open or sitting out side after the rain was gone.  There was another worker here that was here with his family. His wife offered to bring me dinner when they went into town.  She had to wait awhile because the power was off there too.  When she returned she had a yummy BBQ beef sandwich and potato salad.  I had part of it last night and finished the sandwich for lunch after I was set up here.  I still have potato salad leftover. 

I finished the 5th Harry Potter book, so with the power back on I watched the 5th movie.  My daughter called later and had to finish the movie later.  I finally got to sleep around 11:00 pm.  I don’t mind if the kids call late most of the time.  Family connections are important.  Hey, Kids, This doesn’t mean you can do it all the time. LOL


                                  Sunset from the back of my rig at GGS lot.

Roger came through with another slow gate.  About 8:00 this morning he gave me directions to the gate where I would be relieving Denise and Jerry, they would be heading home.  It sure was nice of them to stay and help me set up.  Thank you both.  It was a bit of a challenge placing my fifth wheel as when they moved in, it was muddy and there are some deep ruts, but with a bit of maneuvering I was able to put it where when the jacks are down I was level side to side.  Jerry did put up my signal booster for me, since I don’t do ladders well.  The rest was easy, but it did take a bit of time and I appreciate them taking the time to make sure that I was completely set up before they left.  I got to say it again.  “ Gate Guarders are great people, because they help each other out when they can.”   They were on their way just about noon.  Thanks again Jerry and Denise.

  DSC01494   DSC01496

Here I am on Highway 186 about 15 miles south of Carrizo Springs and the road going back into the ranch.  It is a large (over 35,000 sq. miles) Exotic Wild Life Ranch, but the animal don’t come here.  (That structure on the left of the road is a Blind)  It is definitely a slow gate, only four vehicles so far today plus the ranch foreman.  I only have to record the oil well activity.  I open the gate around 7:00 am and close it at 7:00 pm.  It isn’t a production well, so there aren’t any safety guys here, so I may just break down and order an ice maker and have it delivered.  Just thinkin’.

There is a very active gate directly across the highway.  With loads of trucks coming and going, it is really dusty.  It has been quite windy all day and when it comes my way there’s a lot of it.  My door is closed, but in the morning I might just sit outside for a while and read.

Angel is just taking it all in, barks when she hears the bell and just sticks close to me.  In a couple of hours I will lock the gate and turn on all the lights and then I’m in for the night.

BTW,  I got a couple of calls from LOMA today checking to see if I got a suitable gate, and they have a couple of gate that would have worked out for me.  They asked if I knew of anyone looking for a gate to give them their number.  If anyone out there is interested leave a comment and I’ll give you the contact information.     That’s it for today.

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DSC01491 Yesterday, Ok, Mom when are leaving?

Susan and Angel


  1. Glad you got another suitable gate so quickly! It's also good to know there are other folks fairly close by. Enjoy settling in to your new surroundings. :)

  2. I'm afraid gate guarding is not in my future. Glad you like it, but I guess I wouldn't. Different strokes for different folks. :)

    1. I'm only doing it for the $$$$$ to pay odd a huge tax bill and to get debt free again. Hopefully I can get something with the COE for fall/winter

  3. Happy to hear you have a new gate and you didn't have to wait in the yard too long.

    Exotic animals?? I wonder if you could get a tour at some point? Cool.

    Glad it's slow for you.

  4. Hot and dusty is just not my kind of place. They would really have to pay me alot!

  5. Glad you got another suitable gate. Does that mean that you can leave the site once in a while after 7PM? It might mean a trip to Walmart once in a while.

  6. Sound like this is a pretty good gate. A 12 hour gate? It all worked out well in spite of them not informing you of your move. I would love to do some gate guarding but I am not ready yet, maybe in the fall. Have been thinking about going down and getting licensed so I will have that our way. Does this licensed expire each year or is it good forever?

  7. I would love to know more about the gate guarding gig. $$$ and getting out of debt IS just down my ally. Hubby is working a deadend sort of job atm, and we really would love to get outta dodge so to speak and hit the road in our Southwind. Could you email me with some specifics, Would truly be appreciated. Thanks