Saturday, June 30, 2012

Surprise! Especially For Me


               Bye, Bye to Mr. Road Runner that finally came close for a decent pic.

Late yesterday morning a big Class A and toad pull up to my gate.  “were here to relieve you”.  What?  This is the first that I heard about it.  Earlier I had talked to Roger to let him know that I was running low on diesel, not a word.  They told me that he has known for a week.  When I called him about it, he said that he forgot they were coming back this soon.  It would have been nice to have a little notice so that I would have been ready to move when the got here.  I guess, such is the life of a gate guard contractor.  You’re only in one place as long as they need you there.  The new couple were really nice, Sharon took over the gate and Grant helped me with the outside stuff after I got everything put away inside.  I had a bit of trouble getting my slide pulled in and after talking with a tech at Coach Net we got them in.  I had to get power from the truck instead of the generator. 

By 3:00 pm I was heading down Highway 468 back to Carrizo Springs, to the Gate Guard Services Yard.  I backed it into the same place where I was last May when I started with the company.  Yes, I did it all by myself, not another soul in sight.  I hooked up to shore power and water, but I’m not putting the slides out, at least for now.  I finally spoke with Roger this morning after 10:00.  He says that it will be today or tomorrow before he knows where I’ll be.


                                Gate Guard Services Lot in Carrizo Springs.

At least here in Carrizo Springs, I have a good internet signal and the time to catch up on blogs and maybe do a little more research for this Fall/Winter. I also have feelers out for any gate guarding jobs near Fort Worth (different company).  I understand that that there are some there, however nothing open now, but if they have any thing they will let me know.  The reason that I’m looking in the Fort Worth area is because that’s where my daughter lives.  If I find something close enough she could get licensed and relieve me. then she could make a little extra money too.

Gee, right now I’m kind of glad I’m not at that gate.  It is pouring with lightning and thunder.  I certainly won’t miss the mud or the wet log with the ink running so that you can’t read it.  Little Miss Angel doesn’t like the storm, but she happy that she can lay in my lap while I type.  She’s pretty cool about it as we are rocking to and fro.  Maybe I should just crawl into bed and take a nap and get rocked to sleep. tee hee  or maybe get out the fifth Harry Potter movie before I read the sixth book.

Ooops, the lights just went out. so I guess that I’m doing this with the battery for now, and just downloaded some pics from my camera.  I’ll post a few and then close and keep you post as to where I go next.

Stay cool everybody.

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DSC01489Soaking up sun before the rains come.

Susan and Angel


  1. Good Luck in your new adventures Susan. I am glad you are out of dust hell. That is not good for long time health.....was it worth it?

    Please keep us updated.

  2. Hope you get a nice gate that's not too, busy. Enjoy your break for now.

  3. I can't believe they didn't let you know the switch was coming. Not good business management in my opinion. Hope the next gate works out for you. Nice to be close to your daughter.

  4. Congrats on the successful backing up routine!

  5. Thanks for the picture of the roadrunner. My daughter-in-law has never seen one. Why did they move you if they still needed a gate guard at that site? Doesn't make sense. Hope you get another spot with lower activity like this one.

  6. I hope they aren't playing with you and you will get another gate if you want one. Good luck finding something for the fall/winter season.