Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father’s Day and I’m Connected Again


                                           Dad and Mom 1941

First of all let me wish all of the fathers a very happy day.  I hope you can be with your children and their children and in some cases their children’s children.  Even though my father is no longer here, I think of him often and thank him for his love and influence in my life.  Thanks Dad!!!                       


It was this busy when I left, but twice as busy when I went in.  It was a sea of blue shirts helping people

I’m back among the connected again, with a lot of gratitude to Susan and her husband Bob (Travel Bug).  Bob manned their gate so that she could relive me at my gate, while I went into San Antonio to the Apple Store to have my iPhone restored and get some questions answered about the phone, iPad and laptop.  I can’t remember their names, but the two fellows that helped me were extremely helpful and answered all my questions. (although there was so much information, I hope that I can remember and apply most of what we went over)  I didn’t feel rushed by them, only it was so busy and noisy that it was hard for me to concentrate on the technicalities.  I’ve said it before and my kids know it, I am technologically challenged.  From there it was off to Best Buy to take my laptop in to have the #2 on the keypad put back on.  Several months ago Miss Angel thought she would help me write my blog and one of her claws got caught on the key and it came off.  It has been taped on because I was so busy with retirement and not being somewhere long enough to leave it to be fixed.  Last time they had it for four weeks.


This time I got a picture of Curtis at Best Buy, again very helpful.  He went out of his way to find a little speaker that I can use with my DVD Player.  (and it works great)  Thank you to all the fellas that helped me resolve these issues.

Susan was gracious enough to tell me to take the time that I needed to get some shopping done too.  Unfortunately by  the time I got to Costco, they were closed.  I did make it to HEB and Wal-Mart to get some shopping done and fill my water bottles.

    IMG_0002          DSC01432

          This me a bit “frazzled”         and      the two angels holding down the home front.

It was late when I got back, I hate driving in the dark.  She had no problem and even got a couple of hours sleep.  I did say that this is a slooowww gate, didn’t I?

As Susan said “We help each other out.”      Thank you so much,  I am so blessed to have friends like these.

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Susan and Angel


  1. You're welcome. It was an easy assignment.

  2. If that's you a bit frazzled then you must clean up really, really good (as in the line from Pretty Woman). Sounds like you had a hurried, hectic but productive day. So glad you had friends to help out. A great post, and a great tribute to your Dad. Great pic too. :)

  3. Nice that you got some relief to do what you needed to do!

    1. I did approve your 2nd comment, I don't know why it's not showing. When I left Saturday afternoon irinced off a thick layer of dust and most of it came right off. I probably won't really "wash" it until I'm out of here.
      I want to get a Sea Eagle too. Angel has her own life vest.

  4. Glad you got a few hours off to take care of errands. Nice photo of your dad and mom. So nice to remember...

  5. I wish I knew you were going to San Antonio. I was probably in San Angelo when you went to San Antonio. You need to get Cayene pepper to put around everywhere your rig and water lines touch ground to keep out bugs, I never had any ants or other bugs in our trailer. Give me a call. Love Evelyn