Thursday, June 14, 2012

Phone And Internet Woes


Now that the gate situation has evened out, there has to be something else that tries my patience.  Wednesday I was trying to do an update, my IPhone frozen during the process and can’t post, because I tether the phone to my lap top for internet,  then it dawned on me that I can at least write it in Live Writer and post it later.

A couple of times I have borrowed someone else’s phone and I at least have my iPad which has it’s own WiFi, so that I can send emails.  I sent one to my son in San Francisco, who tried to help reset it.  I had already tried most of the things that he suggested to no avail.  He called Apple support for me and they told him that I would have to bring it into the Apple Store in San Antonio.  I also have to bring the iPad in to have it updated too.

He then called Roger to let him know what was going on and he will see if he can get me some relief so that I can leave to take care of this.  Roger will call him so that he can email me with the results.  While out I might as well get to Costco and Pet Smart.  Since Jaime isn’t back yet I will have to get more water and ice. I have considered getting a portable ice maker.  The one in my refrigerator doesn’t work and although, it is covered through Coach Net, there is a deductible for each visit and if I go back to Garner, I wouldn’t want to use the water there in the refrigerator’s ice maker.     

Before I leave, I will have to at least rinse off my truck.  It seems to have an inch of caliche dust and sand all over it. (can’t even see out the window)  I’m sure a lot of you can relate.

Yesterday, I pulled out all the stuff in the kitchen cabinet and sprayed Bug Stop to get rid of some really tiny reddish colored ants.  I have no idea where they came in as I have already sprayed outside where anything touches the ground.  I will also need to really clean before I move on.  It gets a thin layer of caliche dust on everything.  I keep the furniture covered, so that part’s easy, just run a load for wash.  It won’t take long.  That too is another reason for this life style.  I remember that when I was in a S&B and working 40 + hours, every Saturday was spent cleaning before we could go or do anything.  By then 1/2 the weekend is gone.

I will be so glad when I leave this gig and go one to another and be able to go and do other things.  Would you say that I am beginning to feel a little bit of hitch itch coming on?

Hopefully I can get this posted soon

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  1. Enjoy your relief trip out of there for awhile. If you get a portable ice maker, be sure to post about it for those of us who might need one someday. Ice is one of the conveniences I would really miss... and oh yeah, WiFi too. Hope you're live again soon. And I love the hitch itch comment. Cute! :)

  2. I heard one of the biggest drawbacks to gate guarding is the dust (dirt!). George is not too sure about the truck getting dirty!!

  3. Yup, sounds to me like a definite case of hitch itch!! From what I know about gate guarding, its a great way to put some serious cash away for when the urge to wander hits!!