Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It Is Way Too Hot


                             Even at sunrise it looks HOT. 

It has been a while since posting.  The only excuse that I have is that I just haven’t had the energy to do anything.  I’m behind on keeping up with my fellow bloggers,  but I promise, I will catch up.  It is tough to write about  what’s going on when there’s nothing going on.  The gate is very slow, so I am pretty much reading, watching movies and napping during the day.  I ‘m not a couch potato, nope, I’m a recliner potato, although,  I do get up to refresh my ice water quite often.  I am lucky that the safety guys bring me ice when I get close to running out.


Angel is taking the heat the same way as I am.  It has been over 100* all week.  Today it reached 108*.   I have the A/C on, but by mid afternoon it just can’t keep up, so I turn it off and turn on the fantastic fans and sit in front of a couple of other fans, just to keep the air moving.  When there is shade on the east side of the coach, we move out side.  As long as there is a breeze and no traffic, it’s not too bad.  When the temperature starts to go back down, I will turn the A/C back on and go back inside.  When I lived in Phoenix I didn’t turn on the A/C until it hit 110*.  I guess I’m becoming a wimp lately.  Oh well, it is what it is, I’ll deal with it.


         In the morning, we were reading until Angel got to work being a Guard Dog. 


         That’s her sticking her head out of the back of the chair and barking

                   See the dark spot in the middle of the picture above?


                                     This is what she warned me about.

I am still doing the research to decide where I will be going from here.  I submitted an application to the USACE (US Army Core of Engineers) at Canyon Lake, North of San Antonio.  There are a couple of other campgrounds that said to call back later near the end of July or in August.  If I was smart, I would find someone that can relieve me on a regular basis so that I can get out of here a couple of times a month and stay right where I’m at,  to increase my emergency cushion after I get those taxes paid.   That’s one thing about this lifestyle is that we have a lot of  options.

In the meantime I have plenty to do (when the heat doesn’t wipe me out).  I finished the “Outlander” series a week ago and have started rereading the “Harry Potter” series.  Only this time I am reading the book and then watching the movie and comparing the two.  So far I have just finished reading the 4th book and the movies have followed the books fairly close, other than the books have more in them.  Has anyone out there done that, compared books to movies?

I have finally figured out how to get the printer to work  with the computer, so maybe I can start working on some projects that I need to finish.  No promises there though!

That’s about it, not much else going on here.  Enjoy your week and keep cool.

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Susan and Angel


  1. Sorry to hear that you are getting roasted there. Finally quit raining in the Florida panhandle today. Thank goodness--Texas girls aren't used to all that wet stuff. I am way behind on posting as there hasn't been anything to post about except rain here. A relief gate guard to take turns at all the outposts would be a great idea. Bet the other guards would like it too.

    1. Yeah, I've already suggested that, but they haven't done anything about it. Probably too hard to figure out how to pay someone, since we work as contractors.

  2. That's toasty. They say, "Oh, it's a dry heat", or "you'll get used to it", but that's still freakin' hot.
    You have the water part figured out, so that always helps.
    Enjoy your week.

  3. That hot weather is brutal! At least your A/C helps a bit, with a nice breeze from the fans.

  4. It's hard, when it's so hot, to feel like doing anything at all. Sure am glad you have Angel to protect you from all those wild beasts.

  5. If I could go wherever I want, it would be someplace where there is still snow on the ground. I'm definitely not a hot weather person. Stay cool as you can.

    1. I'm still looking for that best place. Hawaii would be nice, but too far, not many family members there, and way too expensive. I guess I'll keep looking.

  6. Target online stores had the Emerson ice maker on sale for $149. We have one and it works decently for what it is. Ours can make a 1 gallon ziplock bag of ice in about 3 1/2 - 4 hours. (It depends on how much your using along the way). A quart of water would probably make enough for 4-5 glasses.
    Try to stay cool
    Jim & Alie

    1. Thanks for the tip. As long as I have someone to get ice for me, I'll hold off on getting a separate ice maker.

  7. Angel really looks happy in that last picture ,must have gotten a breeze. The weather man on tv just said we have set 16 new heat records so far this month. I talked to Betty in Denver last nite and it was 105 there and she does not have AC, on top of that the fires are getting very close to her. Alexander and Sissy don't even want to be outside like usual. I'm glad I have the back yard because I can't take the heat outside. Talk later. Love Evelyn.

  8. Our high today is 111 degrees. That's not too bad. Still don't use the a/c.