Sunday, June 3, 2012

An Anniversary of Sorts


June 3, 2011, parked in Rancho Cordova, CA     June 3, 2012, Gate Guarding,   S, TX

                                                  I’ve come a long way.

To put it simply, I’ve gone from leaving all the restraints of living in a permanent home, still working, waiting to retire to fulfilling my dream of living and traveling in an RV.  I am so much happier. 

Sure, a lot has happened, from second guessing myself, thinking is this really what I want to do, to listening to and disregarding the naysayers.  I knew then and know now that this is the way that I like to live.  Things happen, but you take care of them just like you would if you are stuck in one place.  I  had a lot to do to get where I am today, but I remained focused and it happened.

                                           A new bird sighting.

 DSC01365  DSC01366

    A cardinal  Jaime said they were here               Finally, the cactus wren (?)


Evidently there is a cat that is around walking on my truck.  Prints are too small for a Bobcat.  Jamie says that there is a house cat that won’t come around people.  Hopefully, it will keep the mice at bay.

Update on gate activity::

Still slow, but there has been activity on the wells that have reopened.  Last night (2:00 am), a safety supervisor came to check on the safety man to make sure he was doing his job.  I learned about the H2 S gas on Susan’s blog, .So, I asked him about the H2 S gas that comes with the crude and water.  He confirmed what she said and gave me a booklet about it.  I took pictures of the pages and am posting them.  If you click on them it will enlarge them to read if you like.

 DSC01369   DSC01370  DSC01371DSC01372

DSC01373 DSC01374


Just for those that are interested.


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  1. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! You're doing great! Isn't this a great way to live Life? :)

  2. Congratulations and you have every right to be very proud of yourself. You've come a long way girl.

  3. Do you remember what you thought when I first started full timing? You and our brother , but now both of you have 5th wheels & I no longer fulltime. I wish I would be able to do it again but I don't think I'll be able. I loved it, there is nothing like it. The information on H2S was very interesting, try reading it while watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind. it was a little weird. I didn't realize its already been a year. Happy Anniversary! Talk later, Love Evelyn

  4. Happy one year RVing!

    Thank you so much for posting pics of the safety around H2S gas. I was able to read everything by enlarging the photos. Good to know.


  5. Just to give you back ground on my mom. She has ALWAYS been the type to either move or want to travel since I was young. Mom I'm happy for you. Finally we don't have to hear about which one you may want or don't want BECAUSE you have your HOME now. All we ask now is stay safe. Love you!

  6. Happy anniversary Susan! I'm proud of you and happy for you. And Angel too! :)

  7. Meant to also say - thanks for the H2S info. As a former science teacher I can only say, "yep"X2. Stay safe.