Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Another Day, Another Painting


                 Another beautiful Sunrise.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.

Gate update:

Now that all three wells are back in production, traffic has picked up a little bit.  More tankers are coming in.  I just hope that they come in during the day, not in the middle of the night.

Today there were 5 tankers for crude. I had signed 3 out, but there were still 2 on the log that came in at 8:30 am and hadn’t come out.  They usually take about an hour and a half and after 4 hours, I hadn’t put down the time they left, I was beginning to think that maybe they had come out and I hadn’t put down the time, because I just check to see who they are and wave as they leave.  There is no way for me to tell, because it is about couple of miles to the well sites.  I guess I wasn’t going crazy, though, because at 1:30 pm, ( that’s after 5 hours), I finally heard the bell ring.  I guess they had some problem in loading the crude, something about a temperature being 118* at some point in the process and they had to wait.   Highlight of my day!  “I’m not going crazy.”

Monday the owner came by.  It is the first time to meet him.  He was here to pick up Jaime.  I guess that Jaime will be gone for a few days.  That’s okay, as I have both of their phone numbers if I need anything.  I also have the cell number for the Safety guy that is on the property all night.  I also loaned him some movies to help him stay awake when there isn’t anything to do.



Each day seems to be a repeat of the previous,  It is hard to know what day of the week that it is.  I’ve been watching movies, during the day, since I have so many I tend to watch movies of one artist or series,or old ones, whatever strikes my fancy for the day.  Yesterday I started watching all Elvis’ movies.  Some are pretty “cheesy”, but that’s okay. I mainly listen to them as background while doing other stuff.

I have started thinking about the route that I will take next year when I head towards WI, as well as where I will spend this winter, hopefully I can find a Workamping position near San Antonio and then in the spring work my way up North in state parks for a month or two at a time.

 DSC01385       DSC01386

The Cactus Wren was back, as was the elusive roadrunner, although this time he was near the rig, but too quick for a picture.

                 Judy, this one’s for you.   Do you recognize this guy?


                                       “The Challenger”

There really isn’t too much to paint here, except for the Mesquite trees, brush, weeds and some wild flowers are still hanging on.  So I have taken pictures and those will probably become paintings.

Still reading my novel and getting my afternoon naps in between the bell ringing. Just another day at the gate.

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Susan and Angel


  1. Glad this one is working out so much better for you!! That's a great painting, Susan. You are a talented lady. Hope things continue to work out well for you and Angel.

  2. Great painting. Glad this position is giving you time to rediscover this talent of yours.

  3. You area creative lady as evidenced by your blog and your painting.

    We can relate to having unchecked out tankers on site. Two tankers were logged in one night, but they never checked out. Since our pad is only 500' we walked up to the entrance and looked toward the back of the pad and there they were. Their drivers apparently got rides back to town with someone else because there's no one else around.

  4. Nice painting, and so cute ;) Glad the gate guarding is working out for you. George & I are talking about possibly doing it too somewhere.

  5. Glad this gate is working much better for you. Stop by and see us in Wisconsin next summer. Love your paintings, you're very talented!

    1. I will certainly try to stop by next summer.

  6. Great painting Susan! Glad things are running pretty smoothly at this gate. Glad you have phone numbers to reach people when you need them too.

  7. LOVE the painting! I used to have a backyard squirrel that I hand fed - this reminded me of him. Have you seen the movie, Hellfighters, with John Wayne? Problems with the crude made me think of it. It's a great movie about the oil fields. Thanks for the updates. I hope the other tankers are already in and you get some sleep tonight.