Saturday, June 2, 2012

It Might Be Time To Start the Research


                                     This morning’s sunrise

Here it is June already,  Another 3 months to go.  Okay, maybe it is time to start thinking about where I will go when I leave here.  I know I can always go back to Garner State Park or another TX State Park and I may do that, but in the meantime I can start the research.  I haven’t heard anything from the RV Resort in El Mirage AZ, and I ‘m not sure that I want to drive through the mountains again, at least not right away.  I may think about going East instead. I may check out  the COE campgrounds in the states on the way to GA.  I have friends just outside of Atlanta, but then again I do want to be in WI next summer, so I may just stay in South TX through the winter and spring.  So many options, so many decisions.  All that I do know is that the only snow that I want to see is in the distance on mountain tops or in someone else’s blog and I want to stay warm.  Any one have any ideas?


                          I thought that the steam was interesting.

It has been really slow.  Yesterday there were only 3 oil tankers that came.  Since they reopened the other two wells. I thought that they would probably come later that night, but didn’t. So anticipating getting up in the middle of the night, I would wake up and check the gate and go back to bed.  There have been a couple of times that a driver would wait.  ( I told the one that waited quite a while to come knock on my door)  No one came, so needless to say I didn’t get enough sleep last night (my own doing).  Fortunately there is usually a lull in traffic during the middle of the day and I was able to sleep in the recliner for 2 or 3 hours.


Since I was already up I decided to make some muffins, but baked them in a square pan instead of individual muffins.  It is sometimes hard to light my oven ( I have to practically stand on my head to see the pilot light and have to push the lighting button at the same time )  I ended up doing them in the microwave and frosted them, because they don’t brown when I do them that way.  I think that I will try to freeze most of them for next week.


This morning I decided to sit outside and read before it got too hot and thought I might be able to get some better pictures of the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher or the wren that comes by.  No luck, however I did get one of this pretty grasshopper (?).

  DSC01363   DSC01358

               crude oil tanker                                               water tanker

These are the trucks that haul out the crude oil and water, there is another by-product of gas that is burned off.  The rest of the vehicles are usually pick ups. sometimes the bell rings and I can usually tell if they will come through the gate by what kind of vehicle it is.  Several times a day they are turning around or are lost. Sometimes I can tell them what gate they are looking for, sometimes not.  That is what my day is like.

The only thing different was that Kevin came to fill my diesel.  He’s the one on the support crew that was hired the day before me.  They are working long days keeping everyone supplied with diesel and water and whatever other support is needed.  Because they really need gate guards,  they have been sitting at gates, which gets them behind.  That part, he’s not too crazy about.  So if there are any couples out there that are interested in making some extra money.  This is where you can do it.  Just remember, the job, itself is easy, but it is 24/7, so there should be two people to relieve each other, for it to work,  Going solo is ROUGH!  You don’t have to be a married couple, just work as a team and have your own RV.  I am lucky to get this kind of gate as they are few and don’t come available very often.  Evidently the couple that took over my first gate like it well enough.  (this is their first time gate guarding)  It continued to be busy, but has since slowed down a little bit for them, but will probably pick up again.

I will have to see what the rest of the day will bring, so far only 2 crude oil and 2 water trucks.  That being said I think I will take another nap.

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Susan and Angel


  1. There are usually quite a few openings in RV parks on the Texas Gulf Coast, i.e., Rockport, Fulton and that area, even in South Texas - what we Texans call The Valley. Lots of snowbirds go there. The "grasshopper" may be a form of katydid, but I'm not sure about that. :)

  2. Garner would be nice for a while and Texas has other opportunities as well as Texas Yellow Rose said.

  3. Susan, how is that booster working out. I could not make out the brand from you photo. I'd be interested in hearing about it's preformance for phone and internet speeds. I love Angel's little face. What kind of a dog is she. I also paint WC and Oils. I called a couple of companies but the are not hiring single women any more, shucks. Be safe and cool.

    1. It is a Wilson Signal Boost DT. I ordered it through (45.00 less than Big Buy)
      2nd day delivery direct to the gate by FedEx. It is working I bit better, but occasionally there is no service. At least I have gone from the edge to 3G.

    2. Sorry, that was Best Buy

  4. I'm really enjoying getting your impressions of the gate guard position. Sleeping for a few hours here and there would probably do me in. But the money is pretty good if you can just hang in there.

  5. You are really hanging in there! Maybe a nice hosting job somewhere in the south would be nice.

    1. I will probably stay in TX this winter and in the spring I all start north to get to WI, as I have a commitment there in September. Then maybe the Southeast for next winter. Who knows, a lot can happen in year

  6. Hi Susan, there is a nice RV park in Rockport looking for a Fall thru Winter workamper - single or couple. Email me if you want info. Love the painting of Angel and thanks for the bday wishes to Bentley. :)

    I am enthralled with your steam picture. Your trailer looks like a quaint antique store! I just love it! Didn't know that was possible in an RV - I've said it before - you are SUCH an inspiration! HugZ!