Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lights Out ! Longest Day! Jaime’s Back?


I have doing research, not only for where to go but to also get my awning upgraded to one that is automatic with a motion sensor.  I called Folsom Lake RV back in CA where I purchased “My Spot”.  Harry,  in the service center, asked what kind it was.  Some can be upgraded, some can’t and I would have to replace it.  He needed the model # or at least a picture of it opened.  Frank, one of the safety guys came over during his lunch  and  helped me with it. I took pictures of the model # and of it out with my iPhone, so that I could just email it to Harry.  (I’m having problems emailing from my laptop over the internet)   Then I just put it back in, because the wind picks up in the evenings.   I don’t like putting it out by myself, mainly because if I need to get it back in quickly, it is so high and if the wind picks up, I could lose control of it and then what?   I know everyone says it’s easy, especially my son, but I’d rather just push a button. 

Last night the lights went out, not in the coach, but out by the gate, and the bell didn’t ring either.  Called roger and he said to reset the outlet at the generator.   Okay, they came back on and when it actually got dark they went off again.  this time they wouldn’t come back on.  I tried unplugging each light to see who the culprit was, no luck there.  As all this was happening  a tanker truck came in, he had driven right by and had to back up to come in.  He got out and tried to help. Nope, Nada!   He went to the well to load and as he was leaving Roger got here to figure out what happened.  As it turned out, there is a three way plug connector ( If that’s what it is called) that got fried.  The extension cords for the lights and the bell were laid out in front of the coach, but slide was over the wires and I didn’t see it.   l Earlier in the day I thought that I smelled something like a burned electrical wire,  but couldn’t find anything, it went away, so I thought it was something that was on the wind from somewhere else, and forgot about it.  that didn’t  take too long and by the time that same driver came back for another load, he could find me.  Thank you Roger for being so prompt.


Did you know that today is “The Summer Solstice”, or “Beltane”,  the day that has the longest daylight hours, the official first day of summer?  As far as I’m concerned, it is summer when the temperature hits 100*.  While doing a bit of research I found that there are many celebrations and festivals all over the world.celebrating  the solstice  (summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern hemisphere).  This year, I am just celebrating the short but welcome downpour that we had and my  Air Conditioner. LOL   Believe it or not it really rained, just enough to clear the air.  It smelled so fresh afterwards, but then it got hot again.


The sun’s almost down and it has been a fairly normal day other than, The ranch owner came today with Jaime.  He is only back for the day.  There are a couple of other of his buddies that came too,  I guess he is having a BBQ tonight and then they will need to get some things done around the ranch.  They are staying the night and leaving tomorrow.  Jamie will be going back to Mexico for a while longer, he still has  more business to take care of there.  It was nice to see him and give him all the numbers that I have accumulating for him.  Of course, he had to get his Angel “fix”.  He doesn't like to admit it, but he likes Angel.

Enough rambling,  I hope that you all had a great Thursday.

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IMG_0015time to cuddle

Susan and Angel


  1. Ah, a cuddle picture. Sweet. It isn't nearly as hot here in the Florida panhandle. Willy was fussing around about going out tonight. I whipped open the door to show him how hard it was raining and he whirled around and got back up on the couch. I knew he was just bored and didn't really have to go out. Rained hard for a short time and then cleared back up, typical Florida rainstorm.

  2. Hi there Susan, Love the pictures!!! Things here at Aspen grove have changed a little bit. Lots of Single wide mobile homes being moved in. We are doing well! Take care! - Eric -

  3. Hmmm...we're only about seven miles from you as the crow flies and we didn't have even one drop of rain!

    What's that picture of fire in your blog?

    1. I took it from an article on the Internet about Celtic Festvals, of which Beltane is one. Many of the ancient festivals involved huge bonfires

    2. Oh good. I thought something on your generator caught fire.

  4. It's been very hot here the last couple of days too. Not hundreds, but for here mid-90's is hot enough! The AC in the rig is going full time!

  5. I usually didn't have trouble getting the awning out on my 5ver, but back in was a problem. I always wished I had an automastic. You will be glad when you make the switch.