Saturday, June 9, 2012

Decided to Post After All



It has been another slow day as far as the gate is concerned, just a repeat of yesterday and the day before, so I wasn’t even going to post anything.  However,things change.  Since the last tanker came in at 7:30 pm and it is nearly 11:00 pm and he still hasn’t come, I might as well write this blog.  I called James, the safety guy and, yes he is still back there and only half done, so it will be awhile. 

I have been getting very little water pressure lately.  On Friday, I tried doing a load of wash and it wouldn’t start.  It wasn’t getting any water, so that’s when I called David.  I had to wait until today, because he was in Odessa yesterday and was on his own.  So I have been patiently waiting for him to come check on the water pump.  I got a call, that he was on his way. That was fortunate as everything turned off,  Some thing happened to the generator.  I checked the oil, and added some.   It still wouldn’t start.  Frank, the day safety guy was leaving, so I asked if he would check it.  It started for him,  okay, so when David got here, he fixed the water pump and we changed the filter and he left.  He wasn’t gone 15 minutes and everything went off again.  So now I’m sitting in the dark.  When the generator went of it should have switched over to solar, but didn’t.  I will have to figure that out later.  David made it back and got the generator going, evidently it wasn’t getting a steady flow of fuel.  That is fixed, so far, so good.  The A/C is going strong and the lights are on, in and out.

Earlier this morning I finished a couple of painting that I started before I retired,  They are of unusual butterflies.  Have you ever heard of a Glass Winged Butterfly?

DSC01416  DSC01415

The tanker didn’t start coming in until late morning and it seems that they all came in within an hour of each other except this last one.  So I actually took the time to prepare some confetti tuna salad for lunch.


Since I eat so little at any one time, pre-prep food and freeze it so that I don’t waste food.  My sister brought some bell peppers when she shopped for me last Thursday.


These are in individual bags and then in a larger freezer bag so that I can use exactly what I need.

I guess I’ve rambled enough.  I hope that this driver finishes soon, so that I can get some sleep. 

Good Night All

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  1. I hope they get that generator stable soon for your sake. You do such lovely paintings!

  2. Well, figuring out the generator/solar issue will give you something to do while you're waiting for trucks. But I sure would want that generator running for the air conditioner.

  3. How did you do without the air conditioner? It was a scorcher.

    Love your paintings!


    1. Stayed inside,still cooler than outside. It stopped again today. It took Roger a few hours to get to me, but he fixed it, although it's taking awhile too cool bck down. Lots of water, not moving unless I have to and a fan (good exercise for the wrist), almost finished my novel in between naps too.

  4. Oh my, you have had your share of mis-adventures. I hope it is stabilized now and runs continuously. I had not heard of that butterfly. The paintings and colors are gorgeous. That is yet another cutie-pie pic of Angel. You guys stay cool!