Friday, June 1, 2012

Addition of Pictures for Yesterdays Post

Let me preface this  by explaining that I don’t know why the pictures wouldn’t  post and I ended up just coping and pasting the text directly into Blogger.  I tried a test post earlier today with a picture and it worked.  So, here it goes.


          I have a boosted signal

 DSC01351   DSC01352

                                 The package and it’s contents


               Newest Painting



      I see you, no,  I’m really not in jail.

Hope that  these explain the blank spots.

Susan and Angel


  1. Glad the signal booster works for you! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I'm glad Angel isn't really in jail. Nice painting, who is it? ;))

    1. Correct me if I'm wrong, Susan, but the painting looks to me like Angel.

      Another Susan

    2. Yes, it is Angel, she won't sit as a model, so I had to use a picture. It has been quite a while since I picked up a brush, just too busy. Maybe now I can get back to it, except that it's too hot out side. Watercolor would dry too fast, so I'll stay inside.

  2. Hope your cell signal works better. We want to get one. Great painting of Angel. :-)

  3. Great painting and so glad the booster signal is making things better. Really strange about the pictures not posting.

  4. I'll be waiting for a report on the signal booster after you've used it for awhile. Great painting of Angel. She is such a cutie pie.