Sunday, July 22, 2012

Illegal ----- Roadrunner


                     first Scissor Tail Flycatcher that I’ve seen at this gate

No the Roadrunner isn’t illegal, but they both created a bit of excitement for Angel.  Really early Saturday morning, I saw another illegal.  This one just went out the gate and across the road and then came back inside the fence and walked off.  I called the Border Patrol and they were here rather quickly and went in search of him.  After an hour or so the returned.  They found tracks for two but never found them. 

UPDATE:   I asked about the girl and boy from last week, they didn’t know for sure, but they think that they found them.

Later in the afternoon, Angel was having a fit at the window.  There was a Roadrunner right outside the window.  This time he was close enough, but I took the pictures through the window and aren’t too good.

  100_2284  100_2282


Angel followed it around the tops of furniture from the dining area to the back picture window to keep track of it.  After about 5 minutes, it ran out of sight and she calmed down. 


The rest of the day was slow, just a few tankers.  The company man said that they are definitely closing this sight down as soon as they clean it up.  They tell me that there are a couple of Frac tanks still back there  The one area that has any or will have any activity won’t need a gate guard.  That should take maybe a week.  Johnny, he’s the one that fills my tanks, came by this morning to top off my diesel and told me not to worry.  As soon as they know when it will happen, they will tell me.  They will have some place to send me. 

That was the extent of our day.  I didn’t even have anyone through here after 8:30 last night, so I closed the gate at 10:00 pm and the company man came through at 9:19 am.  I’d better not get used to it, as I’m sure the next one won’t be anything like this one, back to the challenges of sleep and my shower time and bathroom time.

Looking forward to another slow, boring Sunday and hope that yours is all you want it to be too.

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100_2278 but I like the sun Mom

Susan and Angel


  1. Angel is a brave dog for such a little thing! Hope all works out for you and the job.

  2. Best wishes to you, Susan, on your next assignment. We are excited about the possibilities... once we get out to Texas. Time will tell and we sure plan on giving the GG biz a chance. Hope it will give us a chance :)

  3. Angels is such a darling, I'll give you that. I have never seen an actual roadrunner and I'd probably get all excited like Angel was had I come close to it too. Looking forward to reading more of your entries.