Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Motivation - Mouse



Not a cloud in the sky.  I guess that means that it will be a hot one today.  Being out in the middle of nowhere, with little to no contact with the outside world (unless I go to the effort of searching it out), I don’t hear what the weather will be.  I can imagine how our forefathers would be so frustrated, looking at clear skies and thinking what they could plan on doing for the day, then when everything is ready, and then wham, all of a sudden, jokes on them, it’s not going to happen.  Even now, having all of the forecasts available, surprises still happen.  My sister came last night with groceries and was going from here to San Antonio to visit her husband who is in the hospital, but got here late, so spent the night and will go this morning.  What this has to do with weather is the heat.  I am a morning person, she is the opposite. Trying to get her moving in the morning and on the road before it gets too hot is a near impossible.  Her puppies didn’t come with her, so it was up to Ms. Angel to take over and force the issue.  It is about 8:30 and she has actually got all her meds done and is having her breakfast.  It is hard to believe that she is up and moving this early and out on the road soon.  0h, wow, on the road before 10:00 am, must be a record.  She will be back either later today or tomorrow , as she left my mail on the table at home in Camp Wood.   If I was able to leave, I would have been gone by 6 or 7 while it was still cool. 

We have talked about doing the RV thing together, but some times I really wonder if it would work.  We are so different when it comes to things like this.  When I want to do something I plan on it so that I can get an early start and not waste half the day getting ready.  I don’t like driving at night, let alone setting up in the dark.   Are there any couples out there that have that problem, one a morning person and the other a night owl?  How do you get around that (to me) major obstacle?



Not knowing if I will be leaving this gate or not, I have been letting my tanks fill, so that I wouldn’t have too much in them if I have to leave, one less thing that I would have to do.  the other reason is that about a week or so ago I was hearing scratching and just weird noises where I shouldn’t be hearing them.  Oh No! MOUSE!!!  After finding and catching one in the “basement” at the last gate, I have put out some bait, the kind that will dehydrate them, but after hearing those noises I opened up some mothballs and put it near where I heard the noises.  No more noises, so maybe it was gone or tried to find another spot to explore.  Evidently it was the latter, because one morning I found it.  Of all places, floating in the toilet.  I’m not sure if it was the right thing to do, but it got flushed.  So ever since then I’ve been a bit concerned.  Will it block the tank up or hopefully, given enough time it will decompose and go right on out.  Today was the day the black was at nearly 85% and the others near that, so they got dumped.  Johnny was here to top off my tanks, so what better time than when someone was here in case I had any problems.  I have a clear section that is attached to the black hose to see how the flow is going, but I couldn’t tell if it went out as it is the same color.  How can I tell?  Any suggestions?  If it is still in there, will it decompose, or is there something that I can add to the tank to make it happen?

Gate update!!!  None really, I guess everything is gone from the 5 wells except the frac tanks.  I’m still here, Roger says that as long as they pay for a gate guard, I’ll be here. Maybe the company will forget that they have a gate guard here.  If I’m lucky, I’ll be here, but then again, you never know.  Whatever happens, I’m okay with it.

Just one more thing, Angel is such a good watch dog.  She gets excited when she sees any wildlife.  Lately there has been a Roadrunner that has been coming by  “My Spot”.  There is condensation from the A/C  that drips and creates a little puddle right where she can see it.  Today, I quietly went outside to see if I could get some decent pictures.  That is one beautiful bird.  Here are some of them.

  100_2293 100_2292100_2291


                                                   and my favorite!


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  1. I still enjoy the RoadRunner get great shots of the lil birdie.

  2. Jim says he should flush out just fine. He said he'd be a lot more worried about more getting in. So he is probably long gone now. Great shot of the roadrunner.

  3. I think there is not much room for reconciliation between early risers and late sleepers. You can tolerate each other when necessary, but who in the world would want to go though that all the time! It would ruin your whole experience and probably hers as well. I vote, "Don't do it". (My opinion only)

  4. Glad that you still have a job there. Must be anxious to get another place to see though!

  5. I think you need some "stickem glue traps" as there is very rarely 1 mouse. Hopefully the one in the black tank went out. I think one can work around an early and late riser while parked somewhere but travel days and sight seeing days would be he77. Perhaps an occasional short trip would work?

  6. I had a mouse for a few days, found him and killed him before I could get mouse stickum papers. I felt like Ninja Woman! I am still going to get those sticky paper traps, though, because I'm sure that won't be the last mouse. It's my second, and they were both solo pests. No signs of a second mouse either time after the first one was gone so I might have been lucky.

    About the early/late riser thing, depending on how much you want to sightsee, I'd probably like the alone time when she is sleeping, and she might like it when you go to bed. You could compromise on the time to leave in the morning, like at 9:00 or 10:00 so she could sleep in a little and you could still get a morning start.

    You haven't really had a chance to RV alone with Angel, though, and I'd want to experience that first. See if you want a traveling companion. You might love traveling solo like I do, and it would be hard to split if one of you didn't like traveling together.

  7. I put traps in all of the bays, behind the toilet and near the door next to my chair. Every once in a while I'll get a mouse.

    When the Alfa is standing for awhile, I have put some bate blocks out, and then leave a dog dish of water well away from the rig. I figure If anything nibbles on the bait, they will go away from it to the water instead of coming in looking for water.