Thursday, July 12, 2012

Questions Two Hours of OMG, Lesson Learned

Where does the time go?   What day of the week is it?  What time IS it?  Such is my life guarding this gate!  It has gotten into somewhat of a routine as to who’s coming in and how long is he going to be here before he comes out?  In other words, do I have time to take a nap, wash my hair or take a shower, fix something to eat?  When I do get to grab a nap,  did I miss that truck coming in and out?  When can I close the gate?  Hummmm, what movie do I want to watch or do I want to read?  What kind of bird was that?  You get the gist!  Now I now why they ask for a three month commitment.  That’s when the Hitch Itch starts to make it’s presence known.  (I’m doing four)  I’m ready, but I have to get the itch to go way for just a little while longer.

  100_2269  100_2271

My sister did come in late Monday with my groceries and mail.  Since it is over about hundred miles one way, I’ve convinced her that is better to come for a couple of days instead of going right back.  She left late yesterday afternoon.  While she was here she took my glasses to an optometrist in Carrizo Springs to see if they could fix them.  When I took that fall last May, my glasses took a bit of abuse and the frame was all out of whack.  Success, now I can where them.  We had a nice visit.


She has two little Chihuahuas and they are pretty much like Angel just laid back with an occasional bark. It is funny watching them go up or down stairs (they don’t have any at home), because they are both so small, although they are getting the hang of it. There isn’t much to do here, so we just hung out with more questions.  Do you remember when, or this, or that. talking about what’s been going on and what my plans are, etc. etc. etc..  She sat out side to get information for the log if anyone came ( no one did), so I was able to get a shower.  As soon as I was through, a tanker came in.  How’s that for timing?

It was a good visit, but unfortunately just before she left, I had a bout with “Dumping Syndrome”.  For anyone out there that has had Bariatric Surgery, you know what I mean. This was the first time for me for a full blown attack since my surgery two and a half years ago.  I never want to go through that again.  I won’t go through the details here, that is definitely TMI.  I should have know better, but Evelyn brought back a malted milk shake to share and I drank it and it was really, really good.  BUT!  That is something that I won’t ever do again.  NOT worth it!  People have told me what to expect, but I didn’t realize how debilitating that it can be and there’s not much that you can do, but let it run it’s course. About two hours later I was almost back to normal, but sticking with water and crackers.  This morning, it’s just a light breakfast and we’ll go from there.

                                           Another Question!

  100_2261     100_2260

Does anyone know what this is?  A few days ago, Angel found this.  Of course, I took it away.  I think that it is the skeleton of a bird. It’s all dried up, but it had other stuff around it.  I think that she found it was under my stairs.  She is tied up when she is outside, so can’t go very far

Last night, no lights or bells, AGAIN.  We have had a bit of rain and evidently one of the extension cord plugs got wet.  I had to dry them off  (even the prongs) and the wrapped them loosely with some “Press n Seal” plastic wrap.  It sticks to itself and I left enough open so it doesn’t heat up, but still keeps the rain off the plugs.  So far, so good.  they stayed on all night. 

Hitch Itch keeps coming back. (Go Away)

I’m ready to leave, but the bank account isn’t, so here I stay.  It won’t be long before I can.  I will miss talking to the guys out here, I’ve learned a lot about the oil industry and what they do on these ranches.  Everyone is so friendly and polite. It is what makes the job bearable and sometimes even enjoyable.  I would do it again as long as I can get a slow gate.  For me, it”s worth it.

That’s about it, not an exciting gate.

No sooner than I say that, and Angel is barking, letting me know that there’s a bunny out there, exciting for her! 

One that note I will close. Enjoy your day.

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100_2270 That was exciting, I can sleep now.

Susan and Angel


  1. Perhaps I can recommend a couple of books that will give you some take-me- out-of-the-area reading: Have you read Shanghai Girls by Lisa See? Great book. Another is Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson. This one starts out slowly but becomes endearing and funny.


  2. Have done gate guarding with husband - spliting 12 hrs sift. I was always concerned about bathroon break = a shower would present a different large problem. How you are able to do this is amazing. There is leight at the end of the tunnell. What area is Sandi in, our daughter lives in Alvarado - off I 35. We live in Killeen- between Austin/Waco. Take alot of those poweer naps.

    1. Sandi lives just outside of Ft Worth.

      I try to take quick showers and wash my hair at a different time. It's better if the towel is on my head than my body when I go to the door, although that did happen once. lol.

      When I leave here I will be just north of West on I35.

    2. I live in North Ft Worth... Alvarado is about 35-40 miles south of me. It's a straight shot down 35W. Mom will be 75.6 miles from my house so it won't take me that long to get there. As for the "syndrome" LOL lesson learned!!! & it was the MALT not the shake LMAO
      Love you mom!

    3. I live in North Ft Worth... Alvarado is about 35-40 miles south of me. It's a straight shot down 35W. Mom will be 75.6 miles from my house so it won't take me that long to get there. As for the "syndrome" LOL lesson learned!!! & it was the MALT not the shake LMAO
      Love you mom!

  3. Glad you had a bit of relief with your sister helping. The end is near!

  4. Having the income does help a little bit with the hitch itch but nothing makes it go away completely except hitching up. Your time is coming so hang in there.

  5. Thank God for your sister. Her little guys are cuties. Making money does dull some of the pain, I'm sure.

    The bird stuff Angel found looks like it could be an Owl pettlet from a large Owl. They eat small birds, mice almost anything they can find. When the expell the bones and after mat of their digestion in comes out wrapped in a concoon like thing with the bones of the animal they ate inside. Just a guess, it is hard to make it out.

    Enjoy your evening.