Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Staying Where I’m At For Now and NEWS

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                       Sunrise                                                   Sunset

Here I am still with Gate Guard Services south of Carrizo Springs.  I’m not sure how long I will be at this gate, but will stick it out as long as I can.  So far it hasn’t been too bad.  It is quite busy in the morning with workers coming and going.  As with the 1st gate I will get to know faces and names to make it easier.  Some of them spend the night. (there are trailers back by the wells)  When they go into town they ask if I need anything, which is really nice of them.  There is a lull in the middle of the day a bit busier in the afternoon and some at night.  I haven’t been here long enough to see if there is any kind of pattern developing, so I’ll just watch and see what does develop.  if I can’t handle it, I will definitely let them know.

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On the flora, not much, lots of scrub brush, mesquite trees (if you want to call the trees, more like big bushes), cactus, weeds and a century plant (past it’s bloom)


The only flowers are silk.  (I’ve gotta have some flowers, even if they’re only make believe)


The fauna, again not much, a few birds (haven’t identified what kind), a cottontail rabbit and this afternoon I saw a squirrel and of course Angel.  Not very exciting.

Yesterday, I updated my Workamper Resume and this afternoon I got a job offer.  After thinking it over, I decided to call them back and accept the offer.  When I leave here I will be heading north.   I accepted a workamper position with Waco North RV Camp,  just north of Waco, TX.  http://waconorthrvpark.com‎  It was formerly a KOA and is now a Good Sam Park with 75 sites.  I will be working in the store and doing reservations. The requirement is for 15 hours for site and FHU, 20% off store and propane, WiFi and tokens for W/D. 

It is about an hour and a half from where my daughter lives.  So may be I will be able to see the G-kids and get to know them better.  Because of it’s location, I will actually be able to watch some television, which I haven't been able to do since last March.  What surprised me is I really haven’t missed it.

Once I get there I will give Doug with LOMA Rentals http://lomarentals.com/(another gate guard supplier) a call to set up being a relief person for guards in that area for extra income source.  So far it sound like this may work, volunteering for site and FHU and relief guarding for extra money.   If this works out for me, it could last for a year or more.  There is no contract just basically a “hand shake agreement”.

Thank you all for all of your comments and suggestions. here’s some replies to some of those comments:

Lynn is right. Roger is doing the best that he can with what is going on on his end.  I found out that when all this happened last week, he had lost 3 of his service people, was scrambling and that’s probably why he forgot that the old gate guards were coming back.

To Gypsy, it is still a 24/7 gate, no relief unless I find and pay someone to relieve me.

To aint for city gals, that’s the way it is when you do it solo.  I’m not too worried, because the Border Patrol comes onto the ranch, so far every day, to check for tracks and signs of illegals and I have the phone number to call if I see anything suspicious.

For Susan, tour?  I don’t know, I can’t leave the gate, but I could ask the ranch foreman.

For Marikay, the pay is good and the work is easy.  Most of the time I’m in the RV doing what I want to do and as long as everything is closed up and the A/C is on, most of the dirt stays outside.

For Colleen, it is still 24/7.  I leave the gate open in the day and close it at dark, but I have to go out and open it when someone wants in.  No trips to Wal-Mart,  if I need anything the guys have said to just ask.

And for Harriet, again it’s 24/7, and the license is for two years.  You also have to be fingerprinted and they will do a background check.  Remember if you are doing it solo, there are a lot more challenges that you don’t have as a couple and you have to prepare for them.

I hope that I have answered everyone’s questions, if not feel free to ask them again or ask more.

Hope that you all have a wonderful holiday.

Thanks for visiting

DSC01502 Okay, Mom, you read, I’ll guard.              

Susan and Angel


  1. You are really taking to this lifestyle, and I'm glad for you that you can set up work stints in advance so easily.

    1. With all the calls I was making, this one actually came as a result of my Workamper application. He called me.

  2. Sue hope that the workcamp position works out for you. That would be great if you could do some relief gate work and make the extra money.

  3. Susan, I'm sure you will enjoy being close to kids,grandkids. Waco is a nice city, with lots of shopping malls. Where is the park? You will enjoy being able to get a good rest every night, hope Roger can come up with some relief work for you on your days off.

  4. Well good for you! I think you've perhaps found a viable plan that will work - the best of both worlds! I strongly advise (as would the majority of seasoned workampers) that you get something in writing outlining your duties and compensation at the park, even in an email. An email in a friendly manner is not an unreasonable request and protects both parties. Seriously. It's good business practice for both and again, protects you. They tell you "oh, there's no restroom cleaning and you only work XX hours" and then after a couple weeks guess what - they ask you to take on all sorts of additional duties you didn't sign up for and/or change the "handshake agreement" totally. With something in writing at least you have something on which to stand your ground. I'm just sayin' . . . :)

    1. I did get a letter of intent, which has all of the details as an email.

  5. Maybe we can meet? I am in Whitney,TX just about 50 miles n. of Waco. When will you be in Waco?

    1. I will be at Waco Norrh RVCamp on Labor Day, give or take a day or two. It' just south of the I35 split. I'll post when I get there.

  6. I agree with Yellow Rose. We've always had a written agreement & since you need to make money, did you ask if there was a possibility for extra hours there in the park above the 15hrs to exchange for your site. That could be included in writing. I've heard of people going in like you & then the owners say they want to "cross train" everyone in case someone is sick. Then before you know it, you're cleaning bathrooms & cabins & if you object they pull the 'ole, aren't you a team player? As Yellow rose said, having it in writing covers both employee & employer. Hope things work out. When will you leave? Lynn

    1. I did get a letter of intent with the details and there are no extra hours at all. That's why I am looking elsewhere for extra income as I need it.
      I should be there by Labor Day, give or take a day or two.