Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nothing Happening - Just Checking In


One day just runs into another.  It is already Thursday and there is nothing happening.  For the last week or so there has been an average of 20 vehicles through the gate.  I have been getting enough sleep, but I still have to get that nap in the afternoon, because they still come through the gate at all hours. It will be nice not having to respond to that bell in the middle of the night let alone, right when I fall asleep in the afternoon.  Only 6 weeks to go. 

I haven’t heard what they are doing with this gate yet.  There are still monitoring personnel that check the tanks and move liquids around.  They took the big lights out yesterday, although when someone comes in they can still see, because they use spotlights on the top of their trucks. This morning there was a couple of company men that came in at 4;30. Another tanker just came in too.  It seem seems like they are closing down the gate, but what do I know.  I just hope that it lasts through August.

The only other thing happening is that we have had some thunder storms in the evening.  A couple of nights ago there was a lot of lightening and then yesterday there was rain and  high winds, enough to blow over my chair and even the heavy, sign in/out sign.  The rain didn’t last long, but was heavy.  Hopefully it got rid of the caliche dust off my 5ver and truck. 

I’ll see if I can get this posted sometime today as the internet has been iffy.  Have a great Thursday.

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Susan and Angel


  1. Hang in there, it's almost time for you to go back to a regular life of sleeping at night.

  2. Do you know where you will go next?

  3. Agrees with Jim and Sandie, just hang in there. Sure wish I could pick up and be there in the next few weeks, but doubt that will happen. Still have quite a bit of researching, planning and getting things ready. But the plan is to make our way to Texas, get that GG licensure and get signed on, hopefully by a GOOD company. Would be a definite plus for our first assignment, I'm sure.

    You take care Susan, maybe we will cross paths in the near future.

    Marsah of Campers4Lifex2