Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another Learning Experience


                                            All weekend and Monday

Today, It’s sunny! YEA!

Water, water where is it going?  I hooked it up like I did last weekend when I needed more water.  My reading was showing 25%----after about 15 minutes, I knew that I didn’t put too much in and it showed 31%.  I thought that I did it right,  NOT!  

Evidently I hooked it too the city water connection instead of the  Fresh Water Connection, and it clearly states Fresh Water  Connection,  Duh!  It took all of an hour and a half and a couple of  phone calls for me to fully understand EXACTLY how it works. When I had it hooked up properly, fifteen minutes later I was at 75% and by the time I walked 150 feet to the hose bib at Janelle’s, turned off the water, walked back, put all the hoses away,and checked the monitor it was 94%.  I think that will get me through until I leave next Monday, then I will need to find a place to dump the black and grey.


        I’m standing by the hose bib, if you look close you might see the hose.

I haven’t been posting every day for a couple of reasons:


It was windy on Saturday and it has been raining since Sunday.  Since I’m on Solar and still not sure  what I can and cannot use without depleting the batteries, I am choosing to be safe and not use the inverter unless I absolutely need to.  When it gets dark, I only need one light (LED) on at a time to read a book (I have begun to reread the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon), and no TV.  (I might as well get used to it, as there is no TV reception where I will be this summer.)  I use my I pad to read an e book and can use my phone.   It has been really cold. (I thought that I had left the 40s at night in Sacramento.)  I stay under my down comforter until the sun is up and charging my solar panels.  Then I get out of bed and get dressed, down the stairs to the kitchen and heat some water in the kettle for tea and since it is so dry here, then let the steam out into the air for some moisture.  So far , it has been working for me.


I have been busy visiting with family getting them to go through my closets, cabinets and basement to see if they wanted anything.  Each took turns going through pictures, taking what they wanted and put some aside for Sandi when I will see her this summer.  We also went out to lunch at IKEA on Sunday.  We mostly were looking for decorating ideas for Heidi for her new apartment and I wanted to replenish my supply of  Lingonberry Jelly, (it is so much cheaper there than anywhere else).  I like to peruse the “As Is” section, just to see if there is any thing that I need.  I found a couple of zippered cushion covers that I can use, (instead of me making them), for the large pieces of foam that I have.


One is for the left over 2” memory foam from when I cut down the piece that was on the king size mattress that I changed out and put the smaller piece on the sofa/sleeper.  It fit perfectly in the beige one. 


They other is a 2’ square white one that I put the 4” regular foam in.  It will make extra seating for anyone who doesn’t mind the floor.

I was able to get Elyzabeth, (granddaughter) to take the two shelves and baskets for her room. (they were kind of heavy)   Both Heidi and Mellissa took some of my paintings.  I gave a water color painting with a heavy frame to Janelle. I think that I made a dent in what I sill have to purge.  I still have some for my daughter, Sandi and some for my sister, Evelyn, who both live in TX.  Once all that is gone, that’s when I can figure out what I will be using and purge the rest. 

I am still in the transition stage of going from a stationery house to one on wheels.  There are a lot of things that you do day in and day out in either place, but it is the free time that is the challenge.  I have had so many things that I am interested in and have the supplies to do them, but now will I actually do them?  There’s cross stitch, crocheting, painting, selling some of my artwork or reproducing others’ onto gift items, which will it be? 

Then there’s the work situation. This summer it is Workamping, but after that I will have to get another full time job to settle my taxes from last year.  It will hopefully only take 2 years and then I will be debt free AGAIN.  In the mean time I will just pay a little bit each month.

The rest of this week will be busy too.  Tomorrow I will be meeting Donna, whom I haven’t seen in about 54 years.  We graduated from the same elementary school in Chicago.  Unfortunately Margaret won’t be able to join us,even though she is also in the area.  We did get to talk for a while last Saturday.   There will be a lot to catch up on. 

Thursday, meeting in the works, don’t know the details yet.  Friday, my granddaughter, Svea Ailis will spend the night and then on Saturday we will meet with Mellissa and kids to go to the Good Sam Rally west of Phoenix for the day,  They want to see Martina McBride, who will be performing there.  Ailis  wants to check out the RVs.  I’ll also call Sandie and Jim, of  WHERE ARE THE DIXONS TODAY?  , (who will be there for the entire Rally.) to see if we can meet one more time before I leave.

Then Sunday it will be preparing for the road.  I want to have everything hitched up and ready to go that night so that I can leave early Monday morning.  I’ll be taking it slow, don’t have to be at Garner State Park until Sunday, April 1st.


                                 Saturday’s Sunset taken from the front of  “My Spot”.

That’s the plans, so if I don’t post I’m out and about having FUN.

Thanks for visiting

DSC00883  soaking up the sun

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  1. Glad you made it o.k. and have your water situation figured out. Angel looks sweet soaking up the sun there. It's rainy, windy and cold here, so I'm enjoying your sunshine photos. Thanks for sharing. Take care.

  2. Don't forget all the NEW family things we ALL discovered names wise mom. Such a shocker. Lol

  3. You'll get it all figured out! Safe travels.

  4. This lifestyle is a continuous learning curve!! Glad you got it all figured out!!

  5. Hi Susan, am glad you're having a great time but can't wait for you to get to Texas! :)

  6. Sounds like a good plan to get used to your solar and, hey, the water mixup wasn't too bad. I've heard of people pumping it into their black tank through the saniflush. Ouch, especially with no place to dump.