Saturday, March 17, 2012

Getting Rid Of More STUFF


Thursday. was another slow day, that was spent going through everything that Mellissa brought over and the things that I still had that I was saving for the girls.  That took most of the day. 

One more thing that had to be taken care of:  The handle on the freezer broke and had to be replaced, so I went over to Camping World in Mesa to get a new one.  Of course I needed to give them the model and product #s and I didn’t have it with me. I would have to make another trip.  On  the way home I stopped at Wal Mart to find some thing to keep the refrigerator/freezer closed in transit.  In the past one of the doors had come open.  I found a shelf unit for the bathroom that the pole has a spring in it.  I put it together without the shelves, and it works.


The rest of the day was sorting more STUFF.  Heidi came over and helped.  We put some things aside for Sandi.  Mellissa would be coming on  Friday to go through for herself.   We got to share memories and stories and laughed a lot.

Friday,  Mellissa and the kids came over so that she could take her turn at the the stack of pictures and albums.  The kids were bored, so we went over to CW to get the part for the R/F and Wal Mart to get some thing for dinner.  Later after Heidi was off work she picked up Svea Ailis form home and came over.  Then it was Ailis’s turn.

They left  around 10:00 pm.  Another long day!


                                   Sunset, taken from the front of “My Spot”

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Susan and Angel


  1. I off-loaded a bunch of stuff shortly after I started full-timing. Now it is 4 1/2 months later, I am at my daughters house and cleaning out more stuff from the coach. You will eventually get your "spot" to how you want it.

  2. You're wearing me out! LOL. Am so proud of you Susan. And am learning so much from your blog. Thank you. Question: how's Angel doing with the changes? She looks very content in this pic, for sure. :) HugZ!

  3. Great sunset picture and darling picture of Angel.

    Just keep working on it - you'll get it done.

  4. Angel likes the people just not all the activity we are creating. She sleeps a lot.

  5. Angel is such a cutie!

    Good that you are going through things, the lighter your 5er, the better.

    It's been about 8 months for me in The Palms now, and I realize, as little as I brought with me, I only use about half of it. Maybe less. I've already started leaving things by the dumpsters that someone else might be able to use, and they are always gone the next day. I'll purge from time to time until I get it down, and every time I purge, I have so much more room - it's easier to find things.

    I really am enjoying living a simpler life. :)