Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Location----- Woo Hoo!



Finally, we are in Quartzsite for the night at the Pilot Truck Stop, didn’t want to try to find a place on BLM land after dark.

Well, to recap Monday:  It started out with a call to Pull Rite bright and early.  Ted did all the talking, not that I couldn’t, it was just easier.  We spoke with Leslie S in customer service, who did an excellent job in solving our problem.  We started the process by filling out some forms (online) and taking pictures for her.  Ted climbed up in the truck to get those pictures of the hitch from all angles and I helped him find all the purchase information to send her and answered a whole lot of questions.  She determined that it would still be unsafe to tow even if the part was replaced and authorized replacement of the hitch.  Woo Hoo, Thank You Leslie.  We would only have to pay for shipping. Allrighty!  Now, the search begins.  Leslie started calling to locate a dealer that had one in stock, within a reasonable distance so that we can get it ASAP.  She located one at Mike Thompson RV Dealer in Riverside.

Everything stared at 5:00 am PDST and it was about 11:00 am. The KOA check out time is 12:00 pm, so I went up to the office and explained that we were ready leave, but need to get the new hitch.  No Problem!  Just let us know when you leave. (there no extra charges) 

Back to Riverside:    When we got to the dealer, they directed us around back to the service bay,where they collected our hitch and gave us the new one.  We dealt with Jim, who said that we didn’t have to pay for the shipping, only the labor for  the installation, but since Ted could do that,  No Charge!   Another Woo Hoo!  Then we high tailed it back to Banning and the KOA.  We did make a detour to Pet Smart to get some deworming tablets for Angel. (I digress  TMI)

Ted was able to install the hitch in less than an hour.  While he did that, I fixed left overs for lunch, made sure everything was ready inside and the went out side, dumped the grey water and unhooked the cable.  It was about 3:30 pm.  Another hiccup, all the lights worked, except the brake lights.  Another call to Coach Net, spoke with Mike, he found a dealer that would be able to look at them.  Off to Bob Millers RV in Beaumont.  Ted doesn’t remember the fellow’s name, but they crawled around under the truck checking out all the wiring. They couldn’t fix the connection in the bed of the truck, but it works with the bumper connection.  Their minimum charge for labor is $95.00/ per hour, but since he couldn’t actually “fix” it, he charged half.  While there I found a replacement light fixture for above the door.  Ted will install it when we get to Phoenix.  We were FINALLY on the road by 5:00 pm.  That’s why we only made it to “Q”.  Called Barbara in “Q” to say hello. but unable to visit, we’ll just meet later down the road.


Out on the road at 7:30  am heading toward Phoenix.  We still had fuel, but not enough to our destination.  We paid $405.9 to fill up with  #2 diesel in Buckeye.  Finally making it to Queen Creek where I will be staying for the next week and a half.  Thank you Janelle and Lupe for your hospitality and letting me “driveway dock” on your property.  This is giving me a way to learn how to manage living with Solar.  We were gone after setting up and came back with drained batteries (not completely) but low enough to not use the  TV, etc..

When getting here we still had to resolve the brake light situation.  I had called Sandie and Jim, in Apache Junction who graciously offered  to help Ted and let him use his tools to fix the problem.  While they worked on the wiring, I visited with Sandie.  Thank you both for your hospitality and help.  I certainly appreciate you both.  We made tentative plans  for them to meet later this week.  (for got to take pictures,  sorry)  Jim also asked me if I could use a bed cover for the truck.  I have been looking for one to protect the hitch when it isn’t being used,  needless to say if it fit, the answer was yes.  It did and the price was right.  SOLD.   Thank you so much, Jim.

On the way back home we stopped to see my #1 daughter, Heidi to see her new apartment and decided to go out for dinner.  My #3 daughter,Mellissa and her kids were on their way out, so we waited and had a great meal at The Olive Garden.  She brought some of the things that she was storing for me with her, so we transferred them to the truck, she will bring the rest on Friday.   Heidi came back to see “My Spot” for a few minutes and then we brought her home and made plans to see her tomorrow.

That was it for yesterday  In bed by 10:00 pm.  Ted will be leaving in the morning, going back to Sacramento to get his truck and then back to San Francisco and work on Thursday.

The delay in posting was due to life happening, but that;s what this life is all about. Gotta Love it.  I’ll be pack with more updates.

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Susan and Angel


  1. So glad to hear everything has been repaired, and you've gone quite a ways. It must have been a relief to "get there" and visit with Sandie and Jim, and then your kids.

    I'm really impressed with the way you've handled this mechanical problem. I predict you'll do very well as a full-timer and love it, too. :)

  2. Glad you made it ok. You need to rest up now for your next move.

  3. Glad you've landed safely! Ummm...was that $405.9 to fill up or you filled up at $4.059 per gallon? Skeery either way! :)

  4. You are incredible Susan! I agree with Barbara. You're a natural. I'm not so sure my posts of such "adventures" would have such composure. I'm glad you get to rest for awhile. Take care of Angel! HugZ, D

  5. So you covered child #1, #3, & #4... what ever happened to #2 did she fall off the list? LOL LOVE YOU MOM!!! Hurry up and get to Texas I need a "reason" to take a drive.

  6. So you covered child #1, #3, & #4... what ever happened to #2 did she fall off the list? LOL LOVE YOU MOM!!! Hurry up and get to Texas I need a "reason" to take a drive.