Thursday, March 29, 2012

First Full Day at the Park


This morning, Thursday,  I woke up to the singing of birds.  When the sun was finally up, I took a shower and got dressed.  Just in time, too.  Rick was knocking on my door to let me know that Linda, who runs the visitor’s center was in the VC  and that I could go talk to her and make arrangements for a work schedule.  I will be working on Sundays and Thursdays at the VC and then at the Registration Office, doing who know what, to get the other 8 hours in until it gets busy at the VC.

She also needed to get some pictures near the river, so I went with her and she showed me where the vendor is and what they do.  When we got back to the VC, she told me about all the things in there.  One thing that they have is a Touch Box.  It is really interesting.  There are all kinds of things that you can pick up and feel including an Armadillo shell, a few jaw bones with teeth, rocks and a lot of other things.  There is a lot for sale including t-shirts, books and pictures along with other GSP souvenirs.  My first day will be on Sunday when I will learn the computer and register system, trails and everything else that I will need to know.




          This taken from behind the VC looking at “My Spot”, (walking distance).

This afternoon I went into Uvalde, 31 miles south of the park to replace some of the food that I had to throw out.  I stopped at an HEB grocery store and stocked up on produce, then at Wal Mart.  I got some stakes for my outside rug,(which I need to take back), but I was actually looking for a single stair, the bottom stair is too high and it is difficult for my sister to get into the rig.  They didn’t have one, so I will have to keep looking.  While there I also filled up the truck, so far the lowest that I have paid, 3.899 for diesel.

When I got back to the park, I decided to take a look at all of the other camping areas. Wow, this is a very big park.  I think that Mike, another Park Host, parked two spaces from me, said that it is over 18,000 acres.  ( I think that is what he said)  It is a beautiful park, with lots of shaded areas as well as open areas.  There is a lot to do here, especially on the weekends for now,  Once Memorial Day is here, it will be very, very busy all the time.  It is supposed to be the busiest state park in TX.


This picture doesn’t do it justice, as the flowers cover the meadow and are much deeper color.

When I got back to the rig I sat outside with drink and a book.  Mike was scarring the crows away because they were eating the food that he set out for the finches.  He came over and we talked for a while.  It was beginning to get dark and as I was ready to inside, I spotted a deer.  They evidently come down off the mountain at dusk and go to the river, the go back up at dawn.  Fortunately I had just recharged my camera battery.  I was able to get a picture, but it is kind of dark.


If you click on the picture, you will see a faun to the left.  These are White  Tailed Deer.  There are also Axis Deer in the park, but I haven’t seen one yet.  I have seen lots of squirrels ( Judy, I thought that you would like to know that), also lots of turkeys and finches.

Tomorrow I should be getting my phone/radio,shirts, keys and whatever else that I will need.  Then I will have to start taking Angel and of course my camera for walks. I am hoping that the walking will help me to lose another twenty pound by the end of summer.

Well it is already after 10:00 pm and time for bed.  Good Night All!!

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Susan and Angel 


  1. I really hope you enjoy the job. The place looks really nice from the picture you posted. Looking forward to more of them.

  2. Sounds like you are off to a great start. I find that a large spike nail and a large flat washer work really well for holding down the corners of the patio mat. They go into the ground easier than some of the bigger tent stakes and also are flat to the ground through the washer so you won't trip over them. Enjoy the wild flowers. You have arrived in Texas at one of the best times of the year and we've had rain so we have lots of wildflowers.

  3. I am so far behind but so glad to read you are safely at your spot. And it looks absolutely beautiful. Now I need to go back and find out how your journey went.

  4. I'm catching up, too, and am glad you are there, settled in, and it sounds like a really good place to workcamp. Working three days will be nice, with four days off to relax and do the things you want. I hope you really like the work and the people. It sounds perfect to me. :)

  5. This is SO awesome! I know I sound like a repeat parrot, but honestly - I am SO thrilled for you! :)