Sunday, March 25, 2012

Busy Few Days and Almost Ready to Move On to TX


                                             Pillow Puppy

Been busy since my last post and conserving the batteries. 

Wednesday  Donna was able to come over for lunch.  Over some Chicken Gumbo we caught up on what we have been doing for the last 54 years.  Needless to say it wasn’t a short visit.  It was beginning to get dark and reluctantly she had to leave.  Hopefully it will be a lot sooner that we meet again.  We had a great visit, but forgot to take pictures.

Thursday, I was supposed to meet with my niece and nephew, but had to postpone it until Friday.  So I relaxed all day and made a dent in the novel that I am reading.  It is the fourth or fifth time that I have read it, but it has been several years.  Boy, did I forget about a lot of the details, time travel Scottish history, and relationships, wow!  When Heidi got home from work, I went over to her place and we relaxed in the hot tub for an hour or so.  Nice. 

Friday, more reading and we went to Chili’s in East Mesa to visit with Pam and Dan.  I haven’t seen Dan since I lived here before, more than ten years.  There was a lot of catching up with them too.

3-23-12     3-23-12  Cousins Dan, Pam, Heidi

              me, Dan and Pam                                 Cousins, Dan, Pam and Heidi

When I dropped Heidi off at home I picked up Svea Ailis.  She was able to spend the night so that we could go to the Good Sam Rally at the Phoenix International Raceway the next day.

Saturday was a busy day too.  When I got up I discovered that the refrigerator wasn’t working.  The check light was on, so I got out the manual and discovered the ignition for access to the gas wasn’t connected.  When Ted left he had set it to run  on propane and has been working all this time.  I’m not sure why it wasn’t working, so I turned on the inverter and switched it to A/C, said a prayer and left, hoping that it would work.

I was able to get miss Sleepyhead up and out earlier than her norm, and take my laundry over to her apartment where her mom, Heidi, graciously agreed to do for me while we were gone.

I wanted to go back to IKEA and take some shelves back that I bought last week.  Then we stopped for breakfast on the way out to meet Kevin and Evelyn of  They are staying in Buckeye AZ before going on to CA.  We had a nice visit before I was to meet Mellissa and kids at the Rally.

                                  Kevin and Evelyn  3-24-12  Buckey AZ 

                                                   Kevin and Evelyn

We met Mellissa at the entrance gate and took the trolley into the Rally. Unfortunately,  because we only had Day Passes, we weren’t able to stay for the entertainment. I didn’t realize that we would have to pay (a lot) extra for each person, including the kids, so it was cost prohibitive to stay.  We were able to go into the “Big Tent” where all of the venders were and see all the stuff that is available for RVers to spend $$$$.  I was able to restrain myself and the only thing that I bought was new stair covers for my entrance stairs.

                                new stair covers

I put them on this morning.   As far as the R/F, I think that it is working.  I will go out and get a couple of thermometers so that I can keep track.

That brings me up to today, Sunday. 

                            Sunrise 3-25

                                        This morning’s Sunrise.

                           Can I come in now.

                                     Can I come in now?

I have cleared everything away from the slides, strapped down furniture and put everything away.  I still need to go get fuel and a couple of things at the store.  This afternoon I will hitch up and be ready to leave in the morning.

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Susan and Angel


  1. I hope you have an uneventful and safe journey tomorrow!

  2. Cute Angel pictures! Glad things are looking a bit better for you, now. Have a good trip, sounds like you're all ready to roll. Thanks again for sharing.

  3. SO GLAD you made it to MY HOME STATE!!! I'm jealous that you got to see Dan & Pam (and I didn't... heck I didn't even know that they were there in November when I was there!!) See you tomorrow!! Love you Mom!

  4. SO GLAD you made it to MY HOME STATE!!! I'm jealous that you got to see Dan & Pam (and I didn't... heck I didn't even know that they were there in November when I was there!!) See you tomorrow!! Love you Mom!

  5. Cute angel pics! This is such fun to catch up - you probably don't realize just how much, but you have come a long way Susan! So proud of you!