Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trip to TX Day One

     Just a short post to let you all know that I made it to Garner State Park. 


                                        Good Morning Janelle

I got up early Monday went over to Janelle’s. my host for the last two weeks, to have a cup of coffee and say goodbye.  I was ready to leave, but didn’t leave as early as I planned.  I was ready to go, but my truck wasn’t.  The batteries were dead.  So I called Coach Net, who sent out Joe ( I forgot the company’s name).  He was there within an hour and jumped the battery. I let it run for a little while and was on my way.  It probably had something to do with the inverter being on for the refrigerator.  I think that we have figured it out.  When Ted left he switched it to gas, but the check light came on which indicated that the ignition wasn’t working.  While I waited for service, Janelle went to the store to get some dry ice for both compartments to keep the food cold until I could get  here.  At one place on the way when I stopped to get fuel, I also had them fill both propane tanks.  One was still full, but it hadn’t switched over from the one that was empty.  ( cost only 17.00 to fill a 7 gallon tank)  That is why it didn’t work.  Now it does.  I will have to find out why it didn’t switch over.  I can’t find a switch to turn on the other tank either.

Once I got out on the road, I stopped at O’RiIey’s Auto to have them check the batteries, (they’re okay), but I did get some battery post cleaner and a wire brush.  

I still had to dump the tanks.  They were kind of full after “mooch docking” at Janelle and Lupe’s.  I went to Kelly’s Family Car Wash.  A really nice place to get your car or RV washed  (all automatic).  They have a dump station all done on the honor system.  You put 5.00 in the slot and you dump the tanks and clean up, close the lid and you’re on your way.  It shouldn’t take very long, except if you have another mishap.  I have a clear connector that connects to the trailer and then to the black hose, well you guessed it,  It came off the hose and there was a quite a bit of cr*p that came out before I could close the valve, at least it was mine and I had gloves on, although I got a little bit on my sleeve.  It reminded me of Robin Williams in the movie when he rents an RV, but not as bad.  It took over an hour to take care of everything.   I was finally on my way by 11:30. 

I got all the way to Deming NM by 6:00 pm, where I dry camped at the Escapee’s Dream Catcher’s RV Park for 5.00 + 63 cents tax.  I got up early, took a wonderful loooooong hot shower and was gone by 8:30.


                                            I only put out the bedroom slide.

I’m exhausted and will post more on the next leg of my journey to TX tomorrow.

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Susan and Angel


  1. Susan--you have to open the tank by turning the round handle at the top. There should be a lever between the two tanks that you turn to point it at the tank you want to use. This applies if your two tanks are in the same compartment but even if one is on each side of the 5th wheel, one side should have a similar lever. Don't worry, you are doing fine. All these little things are just what you learn along the way.

  2. You're doing well, and taking care of the issues that are arising. They happen to all of us.

    The other day I was dumping and a man was talking to me. I was trying to pay attention to him, AND pay attention to what I was doing. I dumped the black tank, then took off the hose. Whoops, I just looked at it, what the heck? I forgot to dump the grey, which cleans out the hose. THAT'S why you don't talk while you're doing this stuff. So I hooked the hose back up, and opened the grey tank valve. Even after 10 months I have to think about what I'm doing. :)

  3. I learn so much from you ladies - 3 of my favorite right here. Can't wait to be out there with you one day. You guys rock! :)