Friday, March 9, 2012

Goodbyes Said, Packed and Ready to Go

Wednesday Helen and I went out, one last time, for brunch and then to a show.  We saw The Descendants  starring George Clooney.  We both enjoyed the movie, especially the scenery.  Many of the scenes were in regular neighborhoods in addition to beautiful views of the Islands.  The ending was sad, but still a good flick.

Several people have been calling, just to say goodbye.  The hard part of leaving, of course, is leaving good friends behind.  I tell them that they will have a place to go on vacation or they can just keep track of my adventures on my blog.

The rig looks empty, even though it is all still here.  I take all the loose stuff and put it into tubs.  Some are put on the floor behind the strapped down chairs.  Some I leave on the counter, kept in place with spring loaded bathroom shower curtain rods.  It even keeps the printers in place.  Inside the cabinets I stuff packing material (foam, bubble wrap, etc.) in between dishes or vacant areas to keep things from shifting.  In some of the cabinets I also use smaller spring loaded rods to keep things from opening doors while in transit.  On other thing that I have done is to take     l o o on g   twist ties  saved from earlier packages that I have gotten.  I wrap them around door knobs that are next to each other.  Those doors are not going to open.

DSC00818 DSC00811 DSC00814 DSC00815

I’m a list maker.  So I thought that I could use a chalk board to write down things as I use them.  I started looking for a small can, jar or bottle of chalk board paint to paint the inside of a cabinet door, not an easy find.  What I did find was a piece of black foam core board that I cut to fit on the inside of the cabinet door, scored and folded the bottom to form a trough to hold a piece of chalk.  Viola! It worked.  Such an easy fix.


Since I’ve put everything away, all that’s left is to disconnect the utilities and hitch up the truck and get out on the road.  Ted won’t be here until late, I think that I will go out to eat.

Looking forward to meeting you all out there.

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Susan and Angel


  1. Question mom, do you miss the MH at all? I can't wait to see you when you get here, but also wish you were going to be there still when I go for vacation.

  2. I am so excited for you. Have been reading for awhile, your retirement, your setback, etc. I admire your courage to start out on your own and handle that 5th wheel. Can't wait for your "sail away".

  3. Good luck and safe travels! Nice ideas for keeping things from shifting.

    We have a bulletin board that is half 'dry erase' and half cork that we mounted in the kitchen area. I use the dry erase for grocery lists.

  4. Wow, departure day is finally here for you, Susan! How exciting!! You have really got things put away for travel. You've done an excellent job with everything. Angel looks like she's all set and ready to roll. We will hope to see both of you somewhere in the sunshine!

  5. It's finally D day. You are on your way. Be prepared for some bumps but it's going to be a great ride.

  6. OMG! I got tummy rolls and goose bumps reading this. I am so excited for you Susan. I understand the bittersweet part, but you're good to go. You've got this! Thanks for sharing all the tips. See? You're already rollin' and helpin'. :)

  7. Meant to say too (just got too excited) - Happy, safe travels to you and Angel. Hope to see you in Texas. :)

  8. You're really organized! Isn't it fun to figure out all this stuff, and try the tips you've read about? You'll remember this day for a loooong time, your last night before you're "on the road." Good luck! :)