Sunday, March 11, 2012

Just Waiting


Here it is Sunday, and all we can do is wait until Service Centers open tomorrow.  Ted had to postpone his flight back to Sacramento.  We checked at a dealer that was open today, Banning Discount RV Center on Ramsey St..  They didn’t open until 10:00 am, so we went to Carrow’s for breakfast, very good food. Of course, I brought 1/2 of mine home for later.  We got to the dealer right when they opened.  Unfortunately they didn’t have a service center, but they were very helpful in trying to find someone open.  Again there was nothing open on Sunday. 

Then I remembered that I have Coach Net Roadside Service.  I am covered for being towed to an RV park or service center.  They sent out Richard with Yucaipa Towing. This truck can tow anything.   The bottom center is us follow my home to it’s new place to hang out, hopefully just over night.

DSC00842  DSC00846  DSC00843

DSC00848  DSC00849  DSC00850

So we are now parked at Stagecoach KOA RV Park for the night, a bit expensive, not where I would  normally stay because of the price, although it seems to be nice and quiet with cable TV.  We were finally set up by 3:30 pm.  Check out is at 12:00 pm.  I hope that we can find the part by then or we may have to pay for another day.


I only had Antenna TV before, so I didn’t have a cable and had to buy one.  Oh well, I  will probably be in other parks where I will be able to use it later on down the road.  Ted didn’t want to cook, so while we were out we had and early dinner at The Farm House in Beaumont.  He had ribs and I had the Senior Meatloaf.  Again, there was left overs for another two meals for  me unless Ted wants it later.  The food was  okay, but nothing to write home about. 

So right now we are ensconced in the rig, with cable TV and 30 amp service (didn’t want to pay $3.00 extra for 50 amp that we really don’t need).  We didn’t hook up the water because we want to use some of the water in the fresh water tank, but we may dump the grey water so to reduce the weight when we leave.    

I think that my favorite part of this lifestyle is living in “My Spot” , but not the actual driving.  As much as I like driving, towing the 5ver behind me is very stressful. 

               DSC00823   DSC00825

This view is CA 223 eastbound where went up into the Tehachapi Mountains               yesterday.  It connects to CA 58.

Tomorrow, we will be up early to call the Super Glide Hitch Manufacturer in Indiana to find out where we need to go to get it fixed or get the part so Ted can fix it, also if it is under warranty.

                     DSC00837   DSC00838

                  the sheared bolt and bushing         Ted is pointing to where it goes.

The spot that Ted is pointing to, actually will be under those two silver rails when the bolt is installed.

It has been a very busy day even though we haven’t gotten very far and we are both exhausted and will call it a night soon.

Thank you for all of your comments and concerns, we really appreciate them.  It helps to know that you are all out there willing to help in any way you can.

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Susan and Angel,   Ted too.


  1. Please let me know if there is anything we can do from here. And you will use that cable along your way. We usually just use the antenna but we bought a cable just in case. Hope it goes much better tomorrow.

  2. I busted my right outside mirror on my first day out, and it was a weekend. I know how frustrating it is to have these problems, especially at the beginning of your journey. Things will get fixed and will get better.


  4. I had to get out my map to figure where Banning is. On my trip to AZ I took I-40 over to 95S, then headed east toward Parker. But I wasn't going into Phoenix, although I was just a couple miles off I-10. I would do anything to avoid driving around Los Angeles. I hope you are fixed up and on your way tomorrow.

  5. I am so glad Ted is with you. Good info on the roadside service. Angel looks content. I hope you guys had a good rest and that by the time you see this comment, you are getting "all fixed." :) HugZ!

  6. Good luck getting it all put together again. Isn't it great though that you have your home right there with ya! Hang in there.

  7. Susan, I know this is the last thing on your mind and WAY low on the priority list, but when you get a chance -- I'd love to know how you posted the small side-by-side pics. Thinking of you tonight. Looking forward to your updated. xxo, D

  8. Wow, busy day! I also bought a cable hook-up the first time I was in a park that had free cable TV. I haven't used it a lot, but when I'm lucky enough to get free cable, out it comes!

    I dented in the side of The Palms the first day I owned her, even before I was on the road. Now you've been initiated, the problem will be fixed, and hopefully that's all.