Friday, March 30, 2012

Day Two At Garner SP, Not Working Yet

DSC00917   DSC00911

My site,        from front                          and                  from back

This morning I got up around 7/ 7:30.  More birds greeting the morning sun.

I got dressed, did what I normally do, you all know what I mean,  by 8;00 am, expecting someone to set me up with shirts, radio, etc..   I went ahead and made breakfast, a bacon, cheese and vegetable omelet and some tea.  Still no one showed up, so I took a walk around this part of the park where many of the Park Hosts are parked.  It was a short walk, but it is one thing to get started, with some kind of exercise. It was a nice early morning walk to get to know what’s what in my area of the park.


                                   taken from behind the VC


               had to check out the Ladies washroom, shower to the left out of pic.

Angel seemed to enjoy her walk, since this was the first time in quite a while that she has been on her retractable lead.  After she did what she does, I took a ride over to the Headquarters to see what I will need for Sunday, when I actually start doing what I will be doing.  I met the staff on duty, more new faces, where I saw Lisa who gave me my Official Park Shirts and Hat, (baseball cap), a cup and pin. Since I am supposed to work 24 hours and will be working the Visitor’s Center on Sundays and Thursdays, I would need another 8 hours.  So I will work at Headquarters on Saturday doing Day Passes, at least until I am needed at the VC for more hours there, and then went home to let Angel out again

That taken care of I walked over to the VC to meet another Linda who works on Fridays.  We visited a while. There is a garden behind the VC, where there are Identifying signs,

       DSC00919      DSC00918

While walking back home I stopped to get some pictures of the flowers between the VC and home.

     DSC00913   DSC00914    DSC00920 

               same flowers, on the side of the road,closer and closer view

                                                 some kind of flocks   ?

         The first picture above is by the road where I saw the deer last night.

DSC00912  DSC00921  DSC00922

       Lambs Ear  ?                                   ?                                          ?

All day I was hearing some birds in the tree on my sight.  I have no idea what kind it is, but the call that it makes is kind of like a gurgle or a warble followed by a high pitched whistle.  I couldn’t get a good picture, but it is dark in color. It is in the upper center of the picture below.           Judy,   Any ideas as to what it might be?


As I was getting something for lunch, Vestal stopped by to see if I wanted to get my radio, keys and Gator.  ( It is something that I can use to drive anywhere that I need to go in the park.   He also showed me where the Hosts’ Laundry room, the shops, where I can get Ice and all the other things that are available for Park Hosts.  While were out he got a call that there was a problem with one of the guests water, so I just went along for the ride, while he took care of it.  I drove the Gator, just to make sure I could do it.  It was very easy, even though it steers like a truck and there are no turn signals, now what were those hand signals again?  LOL   I really do know what they are, but hopefully I’ll remember to use signals when driving my truck.   I’ll get a picture tomorrow,  when I left I forgot to take my phone and camera.

When I got back home he followed me back in his truck to help me with the water flow.  I had taken the regulator off to get better flow, but he said that pressure can change here, so it is best to have one on the hose.  He showed me where it was clogged and we fixed it, so now it isn’t as high as it was, but it does have a steady flow. 


    I put the regulator (dark thing in the bottom left side, inside the compartment)

He also checked my propane and couldn’t figure out how it is working and why it doesn’t switch over to the 2nd tank or why there isn’t another turn on switch on that 2nd tank.  I guess I will call FLRV back in CA.  In the mean time I can just get someone to switch tanks when I need to. 

             DSC00927         DSC00928

                 This one has the switch                       This one doesn’t

I can’t say enough good things about the people here at Garner SP.  Everyone has been so helpful and friendly. 

When we were done, what I had put out for dinner was thawed, so I fixed  my soup and decided to finish the last of the wine with a bit of tonic while I try to catch up on reading blogs and write my own. 

I am now waiting for my #2 daughter, Sandi to arrive.  She and Mary (#2 granddaughter) are one their way from Ft Worth.  They left around 7:00 pm.  They probably won’t get here until after midnight.  I’m not sure what we will be doing after she goes through the things that I saved for her.  I’ll of course show them around the park and where I will be working.    So for now……

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Susan and Angel


  1. You definitely have a gorgeous spot. And you probably should enjoy the peace and quiet because I have a feeling you are going to be really busy in a month or so.

  2. It will be nice to be so close to work, just a short walk and you're there. You'll be able to check on Angel when you have time.

    It does sound like you'll be very busy when the season starts. It'll be tiring at first, but busy days go so much faster.

    Don't forget to add your new states to your map. You've got a few new ones, right?

    1. I removed it in error and now don't remember how I got there in first place.

  3. I've been using a website called "". It helps drill down characteristics of any bird by location, color, bill, wings, etc. to find what bird it is. Works like a charm!

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  5. I'm afraid I can't tell much of anything from the picture. Sorry. :)

  6. Mom,

    The valve in the first picture is a tank selector. There should be an arrow on the black lever which points to the hose of the tank you are using. The hose in the front is from the drivers side tank and the one on the back is the tank your looking at. That is so you can be on one tank while you refill the other tank and not be out of fuel.