Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cleaning drawers, More painting

I finally went through some of my drawers in a built in cabinet in the dining room.  They are the ones that I just put stuff in to get it out of sight.  I'd bet that I'm not the only one that has one of those. There are six of them.  They are cleaned out and organized.  I tossed a bunch of odds and ends.  I also added a tabletop fountain to the stack that goes to a yard sale. 

I worked a little more on the big painting.  I'll will be glad when it is finished.  I took a break and caught up on reading blogs. I thought about going to Fairfield to an RV show, but decided not to go, but might go after church tomorrow.

Angel got her ride today while I ran some errands and got he car washed.  That's about all that I did today.

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Susan and Angel


  1. You can bet your booty I have one of those drawers. I had 2 or 3 in the stix and brix, but only room for 1 in the RV. It seems like sooner or later everything you are looking for is in that drawer.

  2. Enjoy the RV show.

    It sounds like you are making headway with cleaning and getting rid of things. Good steady work at it will get it all done!

  3. For awhile this spring I had a plan to put something on the flea market/ Goodwill/ or to the trash pile every day. I got rid of a lot of clutter that way. One of my favorites was find ten random items from the drawers ...

    For now I'm doing what I call "virtual sorting." I'm keeping lists of things and what I'm going to do with them when the time comes. This is mostly because my husband is not quite ready to let go of things.

    If it was up to me there would be a big dumpster in front of the house today!

  4. And ... What are you going to do with the large panting?

  5. I'm doing it for church. Hopefully they will want it when I'm finished with it.