Saturday, August 7, 2010

Road Trip

This morning I packed up Angel in her crate, (that’s what she rides in) and hit the road.  After stopping only  to pick up my prescriptions and fill the tank with gas, (I didn’t want to run out of gas on a lonely back road in the mountains where I probably had no signal), we headed east on Hwy. 50 to Placerville and then northeast to a friend’s house.  They are in the midst of remodeling after they had “flood” damage due to some pipes leaking while they were gone for several days. Nearly every room was affected.  They have a beautiful two story home way up in the Sierra Foothills on 2+ wooded acres. 

DSCF0007 DSCF0010

Thank you Renate for the tour and introducing Angel to her new friends.


That’s Angel in the middle of all the boys. Rusty is in the doorway of their RV (trailer),  Boris is on the stairs next to Angel and Rio is in the front.  Rusty is terrier (Cairn I think), the same size as Angel,  Boris and Rio are beautiful Russian Wolfhounds.  From what Renate tells me they RV very well.    We had a nice visit  and I had to get back down to the valley to get ready for dinner with some friends.

On the way there this is the bridge that I had to cross (limit 5000 pounds).

 mosquito suspension bridge 1mosquito suspension bridge 2

Those are just wooden planks that you drive across,  NO trailers.  Here are some pictures that I took on the way back, different route.

DSCF0011 DSCF0012

DSCF0013 DSCF0014

DSCF0016 DSCF0015

Bigger bridges going this way,  The river is one of the forks of the American River.  In the last picture you can see a house on the other side of the canyon. 

I was home for a little while then out to meet some friends for a Birthday dinner. 


Happy Birthday Karen!   We had a wonderful meal at The Greek Village Restaurant in Sacramento.  That’s Kyle and Karen.

Gee, you would think that  getting out and seeing the scenery would help fill a need, but it just makes me want to get out there more and see more. If I can’t call it “hitch itch'” when I have nothing to hitch to, what is it?   It will just have to do for now.

Thanks for visiting

Susan and Angel


  1. I can understand your wanting to get started "hitching" and get on the road. I'm really ready for some more of it too.

    You took some really good pictures.

  2. Susan:

    I just love the gold country. I haven't been there in, well, since I left CA :( Mariposa, Placerville, all my favorite spots. Someday, FT, we will be there!


  3. How about calling it "The Call of the Wild." :)