Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shopping and More Research

Sorry.  Another day got away without a post.  Yesterday we had to do some shopping.  I say we because Angel was able to go with me.  It was for her.  I was getting extremely low on dog food, so off we went to Pet Smart for her food.  I only have to get a 10 pound bag, that lasts about three months.  I also got a small retractable leash for her and a little bag that contains pick up bags for her (you know what).  DSCF0002 That’s my baby in the shopping cart with our purchases.  Of course she got her treat for being a good shopper.  I’ve been thinking about getting one or those bags to put her in so that I might be able to take her into a store and not have to leave her in the car, even when it isn’t hot out.  When it is hot or even warm out  I just leave her home in her crate.  Does anyone ever use them? 

I didn’t feel like going home since the weather was so nice.  So I took a ride out to  Camping World out in Rocklin just to see what’s new and exciting.  Nothing that I need.  Since I was out that way, I stopped at another RV dealer to check out some  Class A’s.  The salesman that I talked to was very informative and suggested that for what I am intending on doing, that a diesel pusher might work best.  It would have more cargo space for my business and I could possibly put my large printer and heat press (combined weight is several hundred pounds) in one of those pull out bins/drawers along with some of the product.  It could also handle the extra weight.  In the meantime, I will make up my wish list for what I want and what I need in the “perfect” RV for me. I know, I know, there is no such thing as a perfect rig, but I can hope, can’t I?

That was yesterday.  Today, after church I had to go back to Pet Smart to return the leash.  It would not retract,  I got another one that works just fine.  I already had one, but wanted a smaller one.  I’ll give the other one to my daughter who has a bigger dog.

Not a busy weekend, but added more info to the research.

Before I close, 

I just wanted to share a picture of my grandson and new great grandson.    

Nick and Carter

I really like it even though the lighting isn’t the best. 

He is in the Navy and will be moving to Hawaii in a couple of weeks when Jessica  and the baby gets cleared by the doctor for travel.  Their stuff is already on the way there.


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Susan and Angel


  1. I clicked the picture and can see the baby much better. Precious!

  2. Susan, sweet photo of your grandson and his baby! I clicked on it, too, and you can see the baby better.
    If you want a pet carrier, take Angel to the store, try one on and put her in it. See what happens. My Katie hated it, and we never used it. Angel might like it, but I'd try before I buy. She looks so cute in the shopping cart.

  3. What an adorable picture!! I know you are proud.

    Hope you have a really great week and glad you got more information regarding your future home. All that information adds up and will help you with your decision.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. That picture of your great is just too adorable for words. If Angel is well behaved she may love one of the carriers. Since she would be closer to you, may make her feel more secure.