Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More calls, More training, More news

Back at work, it’s another boring day.  At least system issues are fixed.  Even had some periods where I could catch up on reading blogs in between calls.  I’m finally caught up on your blog Pidge, enjoyed it.

One more session of training on a new addition to our information system.  Fortunately each time they update it, it gets a little bit easier to handle calls.  But I’m still looking forward to not having to take calls at all, unless it’s friends wanting to know how retirement is going.

Looks like I will have to give up the “Drop Top” tomorrow.  I really have enjoyed driving it, especially on the road trip with Gypsy. (Thanks for keeping me company).  I think Angel liked it most of the time too. 

I talked to the adjuster today and he did not approve the supplemental claim.  He said that it should have been fixed the first time and to have Jack’s manager call him.  I then called Jack and he had talked with his manager and they are just going to fix it and not involve the insurance company.  Evidently there were things said and inferences made,so there are some bad feelings between them and Jack doesn’t want to deal with the insurance company any more. Jack told me not to worry about it, and it should be fixed early tomorrow. 

Other than a run to Wal Mart for milk and to check out their recent remodel, nothing more to report.  Gotta get to bed.  One more day to “rise and shine” early for work this week.

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Susan and Angel


  1. I really enjoyed the trip up to El Dorado Forest too, and thank you for inviting me.

  2. I am sure you and Gypsy made some good memories on your trip.

  3. Well, it looks like you've finally got the auto issue taken car of. Good for you. :)

  4. I guess your "hair blowing in the breezes" is about over. It was a really neat car to have as a loaner. Glad you are getting your car fixed.

    Take care and have a great FRIDAY! Weekend is around the corner.

    MIke & Gerri (happytrails)