Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Unusual day at work, Experiment at home

From the very beginning of the day it was different.  We had system issues from 5 am until when I left at 4 pm. For all I know it is still going on now.  Hopefully everything will be fixed before I go in tomorrow.  

Even with all that going on, all of a sudden we hear this ear splitting sound.  All we wanted to do was get out quick.  It was the Fire Alarm.  When that happens we have to get off the phones (politely of course) and get out as fast as we can.  I shut the computer down, grabbed my purse and water bottle and was down the stairs and outside to our team gathering spot.  Everyone has to accounted for.  It was hot, so I was glad that I brought my water and tried to find some shade.  Probably within 7 or 8 minutes we had the Fire Department show up.  I guess that it wasn’t a drill, although I have no idea why the alarm went off.


It did give us a break from back to back calls.  We were off the phones for about 30 minutes. 

When I got home I started moving furniture around trying to get an idea how it would look if we do convert the large living room into a third bedroom.  It might just work.  Now I will have to move it back or at least rearrange all of it.

That’s about it for today.  I’ve been getting help from Angel, she’s trying to get her two cents (or paws) worth by jumping up on my lap and stepping  the laptop. 


Had to shoo her off and onto the sofa.

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  1. When I worked on the 8th floor of an office bldg in Washington DC, we had an inordinate number of fire drills - we got so tired of wasting so much time on them, we would hide in our cubicles when the alarm would go off, and the floor warden came in to see that everyone had left. Then came an actual fire, and I'll have to say I have never gone so fast once I figured out it was actually a fire. The drills can be such a nuisance though.

  2. Angel is soooo cute. Look at that face!

    Exciting day. Hopefully it was a false alarm, but it IS nice to get out of the office unexpectedly, isn't it?

  3. That is an adorable dog. Glad you were able to get out safely. Tomorrow will be better.. :)