Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lazy day after Shoe shopping

Sunday I go to church.  After that, just another lazy day,   I have been wanting to get another pair of sandals, so off to the Folsom Outlet Mall I went. I was on a mission.  I found some that I liked, but wasn’t about to pay $50.00 for sandals, so kept looking.  I finally found some for half that.  I wanted some that were of a higher quality and had some arch support, since that is mostly what I wear all summer.  I, of course had to check out the Le Gourmet store for kitchen gadgets. I am now the owner of  an individual French coffee press.  The perfect size for me.  It makes a good cup of coffee.

Another good thing  that I did, was a lot of walking.  It was about 3x’s what I normally do :)  It wasn’t too bad,  Since I have had knee replacements and lost a lot of weight, I find that getting around is a lot easier.  I want to be able to see and do, once I get out on the road.  Baby steps, but it is all for the goal of RVing.  The health issues are the important goals to tackle.  When it comes down to getting rid of the STUFF, that will be the easy part,  There isn’t that much that I want to keep.  If the kids don’t want it,  it will be donated or tossed. 

The rest of the day I didn’t do much of anything,  Had a salad with chicken, tomatoes (from a friends garden), walnuts and cranberries with raspberry vinaigrette dressing for lunch, very good.  I watched a couple of old movies and took a nap.  I had to get rested for the next taxing work week. LOL  Also tomorrow is my belated 6 month checkup after surgery.  Not looking forward to them telling me that I have to exercise more.  I already know that! 

It’s time to let Angel out so that we can go to bed.

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Susan and Angel