Friday, August 6, 2010

Flying days, Eyes issues, Rat Incident Update

Where do the days go?  It’s already Friday.  It is absolutely gorgeous weather, light breeze, in the 80’s.  Cool in the shade, warm in the sun, perfect for me,  

No post for the last two days.  Wednesday I just had nothing to say, It was just the normal work day.  Thursday at work we had our team summer party off sight,  Hooray off the phones for two hours.  We went to a restaurant called Sumari Sushi.  I offered to drive my van, cause I just like to drive.  It was a short drive, but we got to know a little more of our coworkers out of the context of work.  It was a nice break, good company, food was just okay.  After I got back to work I took a couple of calls, but left early to go to the eye doctor.  I had a aching pain around my right eye, although it didn’t affect my vision.  After several tests including her dilating both eyes, fortunately, nothing wrong with the eye, but she couldn’t tell why I was having the pain and suggested that I see my PCP.( I’m waiting to hear from her.)      LATER: Finally  saw my doctor, she’s not sure what it is , possibly a sinus infection or hormonal changes due to my weight loss.  Tylenol helps.   This too will pass, and something else will come around.  My favorite saying “It is what it is, Deal with it”. I’m dealing!!!!

I can now sympathize with Gypsy.  Trying to drive  when you are having problems with your eyes is no fun.  I had to drive from Sacramento to Yuba City before my eyes were back to normal.  I went to training session for a venture that might help bring in a little bit of $$ for now but also when I am go FT. Right now I want to try out the products to see if I like them.  So far So good for the ones that I have tried.  I didn’t get back home until 10pm. (eyes back to normal by then.)  That’s the reason no post last night. 

RATS!!!!   If you recall, back in July I posted about repairs done to my car.  Still waiting to hear from my insurance company for approval of a claim.  I called them, they still need something more from the dealership.  I called the dealer, they refaxed the paperwork. More waiting.   Hope they approve the supplemental claim.

Earlier today I went out to check out a couple GPS units.  Tom Tom has a couple that have lifetime streets and map updates.  Staples had them on sale for $169.00 and $219.00.  Costco had one of them for $199.00, not sure which model. Has anyone heard anything about the Tom Tom? 

More errands to  run.  I need a road trip even if it is only to the store or doctor’s office.  It gets me outside in this beautiful weather.  I’m back.  I really did enjoy the day.  Should be another good one tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, not too hot and not too wet.  Enjoy whatever you have.

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Susan and Angel


  1. I'll be going to Yuba City tomorrow but fortunately I won't have to drive. I think the weather will be hotter than in Sac.

    I hope your eye is ok. Shortly after I had the cataract removed last year I developed shooting pains around my eye. The doctor did a thorough exam and determined it was a sinus allergy. He gave me nasal spray to use which worked within a very short time - no more pain. I hope you can get rid of your problem as easy.

  2. Thanks, Gypsy,
    I'm going to pick up rx this morning. Have a great time today.

  3. Hope your eye is better!!
    Hope you enjoy your weekend! Looks like its gonna be a nice one! :-)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. Hi Susan.

    I've been reading you journal as you prepare for the next stage in your life.

    We have a Tom Tom and love it but you need to keep it updated regularly or it soon becomes worthless. I guess that's true of all GPS road systems.

    We're from New Zealand and our first road trip in USA was 7 weeks, Miami to Los Angeles through about 15 States. I was the navigator and we did well but managed our driving carefully, avoiding heavy populated areas as much as possible.

    The following year we only had 3 or 4 weeks on the road and the first thing we bought after getting our rental was our Tom Tom. It was fantastic. No more arguments. We were both so much more relaxed and I became free to be a second pair of eyes watching the traffic. The driver loved it and never had that panicky feeling when he took a wrong off ramp. 'Richard' re-routed us with no arguments. That was 2006. He was far more confident and willing to drive alone without me navigating. He was also comfortable driving in the cities and even at night in Redding, CA.

    Last year we had another 3 week total road trip and had a few minor frustrations because we hadn't up-dated our maps. The worst place was Vancouver because there was so much construction due to preparing for the Winter Olympics.

    I cannot compare with the others but we love our Tom Tom and will never drive in North America without it.

    There were a few odd moments when it wouldn't accept the exact address we put in but we soon found a way around that. John even drove right through the centre of San Francisco, past Fisherman's Wharf through to Union Square and back to our hotel. This was a big thing to do as we are country folk who rarely drive in cities these days, not to mention driving on the wrong side of the road.

    The GPS gave us confidence to do things we would never have achieved otherwise.

    Personally I would buy the best one I could afford.

    I hope this helps.