Monday, August 16, 2010

One more day closer, Shorter Honey Do List

Yesterday my son Ted came to help me do some things around the my mobile home.

As usual, we went to church and afterwards Ted and Steve went to the shooting range with Ted’s new shotgun.  They seemed to have had a lot of fun.  Although there were quite a few of the pigeons (clay) that got away.

DSCF0003Earlier he helped me pick out a new wireless mouse.  Saturday night my wired one died.  The new one is made by Logitech.  I really like it.  I just don’t like the finger pad or whatever it is called on my laptop.

When he got back, he installed a new thermostat, put the screen in the screen door and fixed the the screened gazebo.  (The top part had come loose in the last major wind storm that we had a few weeks ago.)  He fixed some drawers and put new hinges on the computer armoire.  That is one of the things that has to find a new home. It actually belongs to him.  I think that he will put it on ebay,   He finally took his Grandfather’s table and Grandmother’s picture home with him.

Here’s a few pictures of those projects.

screen door screened canopy closed armoire open armoire

He is not only a big help for me but very generous too.  He brought a solar light that I put out on the deck until I find a better place, and also a water feature and of course he put them together.

DSCF0004  DSCF0006

I know, I’m very lucky to have him available every now and then to help me.  He had to get back to San Francisco to his job on Monday morning.   Thank you sooooo much, Ted.

There is so much to do to get this place to a point where I  can stage it for selling.  One of these weekends we will paint the ceilings and another we can start the walls.  We are even considering  converting part of the living room into a third bedroom.   That might help it to sell easier.   Just one step at a time,  Some are baby steps although it would be nice for some giant leaps occasionally.

It’s Monday, back to work,   Glad to have the job,  It keeps me afloat until I can be out there too.  Enough said!

Thanks for letting me share and for  visiting.

Susan and Angel


  1. Everything you do is getting you one step closer to the dream. Hang in there.

  2. Too bad you won't be able to take Ted on the road with you! :) He would come in handy for those things that continue to crop up.

  3. Every step is important! Sounds like you have a really thoughtful and helpful son.
    I don't like those touch pads on the laptop either. I got a wireless mouse right after I got my new laptop. I'm happier now. :-)

    Have a great week.
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. What a beautiful light. I need to look for one of them to put outside our door when there isn't good lighting at he park we are staying in. Great post.

  5. Great photos! Love the waterfall, too. I'd think a two bedroom would be just fine for a lot of people, unless there are a few kids in the family. If you make a third bedroom, you'll lose living space and if it's not a professional job, it won't look right. What does Ted think? Can he do the work? (Just putting in my two cents. If you think it's a good idea, just ignore me.)

  6. Barbara, One of the reasons were thinking 3rd br is my daughter and her 3 kids may take it over for me if she moves back here from AZ. Oh yes Ted can do it the right way. It is just a thought for now. Looking at all the options.