Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More RV Research and More Painting

After church yesterday, Helen from church and I went to another RV show in Fairfield,  I took the wrong exit, so we ended up taking a short detour.  That's what happens when you get to talking and not paying attention to street signs.   No big deal, just saw more of Fairfield.  We finally found the mall.  I really wanted check out the DP, Class A's.  I have a wish list, but I'm afraid that I can't afford everything on the list.  Who knows, when the time is right, everything will fall into place.  I really did like the Tiffin Phaeton.  It had the whole list.              


Helen suggested we look at a Prairie Schooner.  I still like fifth wheels too.  It all comes back to how much I have at the time and what's available. One of the good things about going to RV shows is that I occasionally meet people that are doing it and are willing to share a lot of information.

After checking it all out, we stopped at Panda Express for lunch,and ate out outside so that Angel didn't have to stay in the car.  Then we stopped at Camping World in Vacaville on the way back.  There wasn't that much there, although I checked out a Truck Camper that I thought Gypsy might be interested in.

We headed back to Sacramento around 3 pm.  The traffic was horrible westbound.  It was just like a parking lot all the way back to almost Sacramento.  We were so glad we were going the other way.  We both enjoyed the short road trip, and Angel was happy to just relax after climbing all those stairs.

DSCF0003She always rides comfy and safe in her little crate.

It's early Tuesday morning, getting ready for work.  I started this yesterday and was rudely interrupted by a power outage.  I just went to bed early.  I will have to finish this  after work.

Later:   I have found something that helps me get through the work day, painting.  I have a small watercolor field kit.  I work on a painting in between calls and on breaks.  Yes, my supervisor knows that I do it.  It is okay as long as I use very little water, since I am near the keyboard, and my stats remain okay.  I want to build up portfolio and make prints to sell.  

I took tomorrow off and my son will be coming to visit and hang out with me to celebrate my birthday.  I have no idea if he has anything planned.  I'll let you know later

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  1. Happy Birthday, Susan! I hope you have a wonderful day with your son. Look forward to hearing about it.
    My kids took me to the Camping World in Vacaville, I was surprised at how empty it was, not much to buy. The San Marcos store has lots more merchandise available.
    Your little girl looks so sleepy in her crate. She's so cute.

  2. Happy Birthday.

    The important element in painting is if it makes you feel good.

  3. Happy Birthday!! Hope you and your son are having a ball. Angel looks very content in little cage.